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located in Ravenwood, a part of Contained, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Jane Vega Character Portrait: Jet Crossfire-Harlow Character Portrait: Violet Fairbanks Character Portrait: Mercy Fairbanks Character Portrait: Tayte Breed Character Portrait: Viola Underwood
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"This way." Tayte nodded then started after Violet as they began a slow jog. She listened with interest as Vi started a story of her past. Skidding to a stop a she jogged past Vi's sudden stop in speech and jogging, Tayte turned around with concern to see Vi frowning. "Wow!! I'm so sorry, I have no idea where that came from. I ramble when I haven't had a lot of sleep or am stressed. So just try to disregard anything I say k?"

Tatye rolled her eyes, "Oh please honey bunches of oats, don't be sorry! I don't need to know your history if you're not up for sharing it yet. And don't you worry about the rambling, I do it when I'm 100% rested and full. Shoot, I'm a ramblin' cowgirl." She faked pulling two guns from her hips "western" style and shooting down the alley way, blowing "smoke" off the tips of her fingers when she was done. Vi smiled and Tay watched her pick up the jog again. She had the distinct feeling that Vi had been about to say "car accident" which told her that it was a sad story, and she knew what that meant: deflect, deflect, deflect. She got it. Tayte definitely understood what it was like to have those hard memories that popped into your brain every now and then, and she understood that whey they did it was best to occupy that mind elsewhere or the pain would start again. She made another pact with herself then: Don't worry, Vi-lady, I'll be here when you need to talk, 'cause you will. Till then I won't ask questions if you don't! Shaking her head a little to pull herself out of her reverie, she turned and sprinted to catch up with Vi, who had gotten a good way down the block.

A couple minutes later, Tatye saw the hardware store. Grateful that she'd been in good shape, she slowed with Vi as they came around it's corner. "I think we should go to the Employees lounge its going to be our safest bet plus they have food there if it hasn't been taken yet but, ummm just to be safe if something goes wrong and I don't make it out with you-" Tay stopped listening. She didn't want to think that way, it wasn't right. She understood being prepared, sure, but thinking things like "if I don't make it out" tend to led to people not "making it out." At least, that's how it was in any horror film ever! Nope, nope, nope. She'd be prepared to take on the infected if need be, but she'd also make sure Vi "made it out" so she didn't want to make plans of any sort. If need be, she'd been on her own up until this point, so she could be again and would, but she refused to think that way. So, instead, she just smiled and nodded when Vi's speech patterns showed her that she'd finished talking and it was time for Tayte to respond. She was a little suprised when Vi set a key in her hand, then realized it would be to the bike.

"But, don't worry I doubt anything will happen but, just in case you know?"

"Oh, uh, yup! Definitely! Be prepared. Boy Scout motto, right? So, shall we see what's in this place?" Tayte pocketed the key and jabbed a thumb to the door they now stood in front of. She pulled her bat out from behind her where she'd stashed it while they ran (through the arm holes of her backpack and against the small of her back) as Vi pulled out her gun and opened the door cautiously. They moved in, Vi pointed to something off to the right and then made a beeline to the break room. Tayte following and turning to survey behind them. When they got inside, her stomach grumbled at the sight of doritoes in the vending machine, and then even more when she saw the Honey Buns. If there was one thing she adored about life, liberty and the pursuit of sugar it was Honey Buns. "You are my knight in shining armor, vending machine," Tayte said as she walked over and hugged it, whispering, "Thank you."

"We should do a sweep of the room just to be safe, then we can lock up for the night. That's what the chain and padlock are for." Tayte looked over, making a mock annoyed face, "Buzzkill!" Chuckling she moved about the room, making sure to double check the restroom too. They locked the door, and Tayte was grateful for the window in the door. They could hide so that no could see them, should they come into the store, but they could also see out if need be. That would come in hand. She stood and looked out at the story, eerie with all it's boxes and shelves, only the light coming in from off the street to illuminate things and cast creepy shadows.

"Ill take first watch if you don't mind? You look like you could really get some rest But, lets eat something first because I don't know about you but, I am so hungry I could eat an elephant right now." Tayte laughed along with Vi, turning and leaning her back on the door, "Are you just saying I look like shit in the nicest way possible? That's all anyone ever means when they say someone looks tired." She made a funny face, "But hey, if you're offering, what kind of girl would I be to turn down my... uh..." she paused as as he was trying to run a finger through her hair and found a twig in it, "When did that get there? Well, my 'beauty' sleep, anyway." She watched approvingly of Vi's back-scratcher trick. She saw the M&M's fall, then the chex mix, then was bored and turned to look back out the window. Clunk. Clunk. Two more items.

She was looking out the window at the creepy store when she saw movement. Get a grip, Tay. Probably just your mind. Viola's right, y'know. You do need sle-- nope, nope. That was definitely movement! She moved to the side so as not to be seen and kept her eye on the movement, opening her mouth to warn Viola, she was cut off, "Any requests?"

Tayte kept her focus on the movement she saw in the corner of the store, putting a finger up to her mouth to signify silence to Vi. How had they missed this? Crap. Now they were just sitting in a box of death. She felt like the Honey Bun in the machine, looking out a window at what was surely impending doom: The jaws of humans. Wait... there's... she squinted and blocked the light of the employees room with her hand, "A little girl! No, a group of people. Oh my god, Vi!" She whispered excitedly as the adrenaline began to pump in her for the thousandth time that day. "Guns are drawn, now they're not... should we... what do we do?" She turned and looked at Vi, "More importantly, is that a Honey Bun?!"