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Vanryth Galero
The Reach

Sleep was elusive for Vanryth. His room felt constricting, claustrophobic. Many of the mentor's books on shelves around him and a number of dry quills and inkwells flooded the tables and desk. The books mocked him as he tried to drift off to sleep. He spent near as much time awake with him staring at the ceiling as he did asleep. Worry assaulted his mind. Without the mentor, would he become the troubled man with a death wish again? Would he willingly continue his search for a suitable end to his long and troubled life? Or would he merely pickle his liver and end up face down in the gutter? He felt an odd relief in these thoughts, as if he was worried about them and consciously thought them, then he would drift down the path. Akin to being sane enough to wonder if one was insane. The mentor had granted him enough strength of mind so that Van could control his own hands and not his anger or temper.

But what if his temper flared up? What if a slight laid against him in a moment of weakness? Was he in enough control to refrain from lashing out? Or would he finally have to be put down like an animal? Van had never felt fear in his youth, but now he couldn't help but fear. He couldn't help but fear that he just may let the mentor down, fear that he may end up forsaking himself once more. Van opened his mouth to curse, but no words came. Irritation washed over him, he needed a way to vent and shouting certainly wasn't in the question. So instead, he opted to assault his innocent pillow.

When the sun rose, his pillow was a lot thinner than it had been. Van packed his things, in particular a couple of blank journals- one for him to "speak" and another for his own personal thoughts. He packed a supply of quills and inkwells, but would be useless on the road. For that, he brought a couple of charcoal pencils. It was crude and ugly when he wrote with it, but it was well enough to get a point across if the need arose. Van quietly ate the breakfast prepared by Adrienne. A joyless affair to be sure. It took a lot of effort to eat food without a tongue and he would never taste it, but a couple of years learning to adapt and it wasn't an issue any more. Just one more thing to overcome.

Van rode near the front and to the right of Drayk. The reach was a dangerous place and he figured that if they were to run into trouble he would best serve near the front. He did keep in mind to avoid fire magick if things went south, for the sake of the man by his side. Luck was with them it seemed and they managed to travel without much trouble.

They had picked up a traveler before long a child. A Nordic child. Van kept his distance from the child and Drayk, flipped his hood over his head, and kept his mouth shut tightly, as he didn't want to frighten the child with his appearance. He might have been in a calmer state of mind these days, but appearance spoke a widely different story. Still, he listened with interest to Drayk story. To be truthful, Vanryth was envious of the man. The way he could tell a story and intrigue his audience, it was something that Vanryth never could do again- unless that story was bound in leather and a couple hundred pages long. But to orally tell a story? One takes something as simple as that for granted until he loses that ability. Then he begins to miss it dearly.

Vanryth couldn't help but note how innocent the story sounded. For the child's sake perhaps, Vanryth knew enough about his companions to know that none of them were innocent. Markarth was in sight when the boy took his leave of them. Van watched as the child faded from view, he found himself enjoying the company of the boy, if only for the change of pace. There was an air of melancholy surrounding them, and the boy brought a little spark to lighten the mood. But with him gone, the air returned.

He listened to Adrienne's suggestion of speaking to the guards. Van raised his palms up and shrugged, nodding his head in approval. Sounded like a good idea to him.