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located in Republic Nation, a part of Avatar: Bending War, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Tzar stared out the window simply watching the rain fall, it was nice and calming, but also the reason that he couldn't go back to the nice place that was the central of the city. "Hi. I'm Yura, I'll be your waitress for today." Tzar turned to the person who had just spoken, a waitress? Ah yes a waitress this was a restaurant, and it would certainly be rude not to order anything from this fine est-.... this establishment. He reached for his satchel opening it in a very smooth movement inside were mainly books and a few other things that didn't seem like they were made in Republic City. He searched inside of it for a minute or two as it was a bit messy and unorganized, but he finally pulled out a small leather wallet, he opened it, inside a few coins and bills, not very many though. He scratched the back of his head and looked back at the waitress.

"Yura... Glass with two ice cubes... salad..." Tzar's voice was light one, and he spoke in a very calm and low manner, making it a bit difficult to hear due to how loud the few customers spoke. As he finished speaking to the waiter he turned his head to face to window once more. As Tzar stared out the window he got lost in his thoughts once again, he thought of many things, but mainly about why the waitress was so nervous, she didn't seem the type to be nervous, he asked himself he had missed something but he really wasn't one to miss details... was she new? No... if she was a new waitress she probably would be nervous around the other customers, her walking... no, she certainly wasn't a new employee. Tzar knew that he had to little information, but it was rather entertaining to try and see what he missed, he really didn't have much to do there either so he decided to let that thought go and moved on with what else was on his mind.