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located in F.S.S. Salient, a part of Nebula's Dawn: F.S.S. Salient, one of the many universes on RPG.

F.S.S. Salient

The last Neptune Class Battlecruiser commissioned by the Federation. Welcome on board.


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Character Portrait: Eli Colter Character Portrait: Aronimus Weston
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Out of the four sides of the shower chamber, three were full of black tiles with rotating tubes that shot jets of water at Eli. He was fully immersed in cold water all around. He hung his head low and looked down to the recycling receptacles on the floor of the chamber. The receptacles would gather the water and filter it through the Salient's main filtering system before returning as drinking or showering water. A pair of dog tags were hanging from his neck and dangling before his eyes. He reached for one of the two dog tags which was slightly charred with one end almost melted down. The inscription was barely intelligible for anybody aside from Eli who knew the tag like the back of his hand. The inscription was listed as Solomon Richter P.F.C.. Also known as K.I.A. now. He held the tag in his fist and closed his eyes as the pellets of water rolled along his skin.

After ten minutes in the chamber, Eli stepped out fully dried, not a single drop of moisture was present on his person. He set about gathering his gear and equipment before getting into his suit. He took off the dog tag with Solomon Richter inscribed on it and placed it in a capsule which he proceeded to place in a compartment within his quarters. Following suit up, he left his quarters in the Barracks and proceeded to the lower levels of the ship where the crowd of recruits/crew members would be entering. He shut off his wrist communicator after testing the systems. He strode silently through the corridors, expecting to meet the Admiral somewhere in these areas. He passed the general assembly hall, but not before peering inside to witness several workers setting up the screens for the Admiral's presentation. He continued along silently.