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Snippet #2013912

located in F.S.S. Salient, a part of Nebula's Dawn: F.S.S. Salient, one of the many universes on RPG.

F.S.S. Salient

The last Neptune Class Battlecruiser commissioned by the Federation. Welcome on board.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Jon Dunaway Character Portrait: Eli Colter Character Portrait: Thaddeus Jackson Character Portrait: Aronimus Weston Character Portrait: A.D.A.M
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The Admiral sighed as he continued on towards the assembly hall. He contemplated the current situation and began weighing in certain factors. Admiral Michelson was an ambitious man who was nearly always at the forefront of the Federation military's latest technology. Michelson loved to push the boundaries as far as he could, but Aronimus knew that he did this only to benefit the service men and women of the Federation. As for the honorary 6th star, if this pet project were to come to fruition successfully, Michelson would go down in history for whatever he achieved. At this point, Aronimus knew that his career was over, and he had no need to interfere with Michelson's own.

As for the two men, this was his ship and his jurisdiction, if the two soldiers had other ideas, they would be better off remaining in the station waiting for a dropship to take them back to headquarters. He began going through the neural interface that was installed into nearly every grade O-7 and up officer. The files were highly classified, it was some sort of project revolving around physical augmentations, genetic engineering, and cybernetic enhancements. The project was very similar to the P.C.E. program that was instituted four years ago, of which Captain Colter was apart of. This project, similar to P.C.E., was only for qualified marines with distinguished combat records. Jon Dunaway and Thaddeus Jackson were two such men. The differences from the P.C.E. program was an increased reliance on larger tactical suits, but the portion explaining this information was expunged for reasons unknown. Aronimus could only wonder whether Michelson's activity was being fully observed and regulated by higher up.

The Admiral strolled alongside A.D.A.M. or rather he walked while A.D.A.M. jumped from pad to pad. Jon Dunaway was an experienced soldier with a flawless record as archived in the system. Although he wasn't listed as the ground commander, Aronimus knew it was perhaps for the better. As for Thaddeus Jackson, the admiral decided it was best to relegate him to a non-commanding position simply for the safety of other crew members.

"Adam, I want you to address the AIs during the meeting session so we can get that cleared, I will personally talk to those two gentlemen in my quarters."

Normally his erect stature was never painful, but today it was tenser than usual.