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Snippet #2014123

located in F.S.S. Salient, a part of Nebula's Dawn: F.S.S. Salient, one of the many universes on RPG.

F.S.S. Salient

The last Neptune Class Battlecruiser commissioned by the Federation. Welcome on board.


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Character Portrait: Eli Colter
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After traveling through many telepads and elevator platforms, Eli finally reached the underbelly of the ship. The interior lighting was off, but the artificial sunlight shone through the viewports was more than enough to guide him. He passed the corridors near the supply zones where station crews were loading metallic containers onboard the ship. They worked with diligence, so as not to upset the Admiral, who was a respected and admired man throughout the Federation. Simply botching up deliveries for vital supplies was enough to lose favor with the admiral and those who respected the man. After observing their work, Eli continued to the entrance that was connected to the station.

He paused for a moment before pressing the holo-panel to the side of the large blast door in the ship’s underbelly. The first layer of gigantic doors slid upward, followed by the second layer which slid slowly apart horizontally as he pressed the panel. The crowd to greet him was more than he expected, but nonetheless he was prepared. He treaded down the steps slowly before reaching the bridge that connected the Salient to the station. Then by instinct he reached his wrist communicator and punched in a code he memorized prior. The speakers on the station’s walkway were quickly online and available for his command. Then he projected his voice to the wrist communicator which blasted through the speakers.

“Attention all crew members that will be boarding the Salient. I am Captain Eli Colter.”

He waited for the large multitude of people to turn and give him their attention.

“Boarding will now commence. For those of you who were recruited or assigned to this ship, you were given a special transparent card similar to this one.”

He held up a model for everyone to see, the feed was distributed through cameras throughout the walkway and to the many telescreens located on the path.

“At this point, boarding has synchronized, and that keycard should be lighting up.”

The transparent card glowed green before him, bathing his face in a lime green light. His wasn’t the only face though; there were many others who took out their cards which lit up in a similar hue.

“For those of you whose cards are glowing red, you have been taken off the roster and denied boarding.”

“The rest of you, please enter through here, and then head to the general assembly hall. If you get lost, there are various map terminals located throughout the ship that will follow voice commands and lead you to the hall. Thank you.”

He turned around casually and returned back inside the ship confidently knowing that people were going to follow his instructions. Immediately the host of inexperienced crew members and recruits poured in cautiously. As for those who had been on board a combat vessel before, they led the group.