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located in General Assembly Hall, a part of Nebula's Dawn: F.S.S. Salient, one of the many universes on RPG.

General Assembly Hall

A massive hall designed for large scale meetings, briefings, and occasions.


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Faith was not really surprised at the mix of personalities she had come into contact with, each person dealt with this sort of assignment in his or her own way. The woman calling herself 'Hyena' was a typical example of a fighter pilot, all bravado and cockiness, and Faith could not help but grin back at the other woman. She couldn't help herself, she liked the over confident brash woman already and figured they would end up drinking together in the bar at some point. Faith did not get much of a chance to respond to any of them before the admiral begun his welcoming speech, Faith settled back in her seat and watched the admiral. Her first thoughts were finally he was getting on with it and secondly that he wasn't doing too bad in terms of health for a man of his age. She would bet twenty Royals, her favourite brand of cigarette, that his medical file said he was in perfect shape as men like him usually were. It seemed something about the career military that they were disciplined and most hated medicals of any kind. She would be surprised if he were any different but he would soon learn that she would expect the same from him as the other crew in that regard.

The admirals speech was short and to the point, exactly how Faith liked it, and within minutes it was over. She now knew his immediate subordinates were and was not overly worried. She doubted she would have much to do with the elder Dunway except perhaps when she fixed up he or any of his men during this tour. Chen she would almost certainly deal with but the woman seemed reasonable enough in that she was hard but fair. As Chief Medical Director she had no doubt that she and Chen would be working closely together. She decided at a later date that it might be worth she and Chen having a quiet drink and getting to know each other a little better. Her job running the medical staff on board would go a lot smoother if she and the Lt Commander understood each other.

She was interrupted from her thoughts by one of the men in suits addressing her, she glanced at him and noticed immediately that one of his arms hung at an odd angle. She sighed and nodded. "Come on then, might as well test out the equipment. Hope you enjoy being my lab rat." She commented.
She walked out of the hall and stopped for a moment to get her bearings, she had no idea where any of the medical centres were. She stopped at a terminal on the wall and requested directions to the nearest med bay. The terminal displayed the corridors between here and the med bay and she took a moment to remember the route. She then walked confidently down the corridor and in short order arrived at the medical bay closest to the Assembly Hall.
Staff were already in here hurrying to and fro ensuring everything was as it should be before they left. Faith nodded to those in acknowledgement before walking to the nearest bed.

"Well lets get on with this then." She said to Jon.