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located in New York City, a part of New York's Finest, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York City



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Charlotte Upton

"Excuse me miss,"
Charlotte looked to her left and found a man sitting on the bar stool beside her. She had come to the bar for some free drinks, and so far had gotten eight. She knew she wouldn't be able to finish the shots in front of her without getting drunk, and she never got drunk. Being drunk led to stupid mistakes, mistakes Charlotte did not like to make. She smiled at the man next to her, hiding her repulsion of him. He was wearing a black suit, meaning he was either large and trying to hide it or a player. Most likely he was both noticing the confidence in his eyes and in the way he was sitting. He thought he was taking her home tonight. He was obviously rich, she knew her clothes fabric well making her know he must carry loads of money around. But he had the a wary look to his face, though it was well hidden, and she could see small wisps of grey a his roots. This man was at least 40, there was no way she was going to even let him buy her a drink.

As he was about to speak she stopped him, holding a finger up. "Before you start. Normally I would let you flirt with me, which I am well aware you were about to do. But my attorney just called me and my ex-husband is taking all of the money. These shots you see in front of me is all I have left." As she said that she took one for effect. She wiped her mouth and looked at him, despair filling her eyes. "Who am I kidding, I can't even afford these shots." She covered her face with her hands and began to cry.

Awkwardly the man put his hand on her shoulder and said, "It's okay. Here, I'll give you money to pay for these. Plus some so you can get by for a few days." Looking up she smiled at him, "Really? You would do that?" He smiled and nodded, handing her a wad of hundred dollar bills. "Now you should probably go before you spend all that here okay?" She laughed a little and nodded, and in seconds was out the door, at least a thousand dollars richer. She wiped the fake tears from her eyes and smirked. "Boy, these richies keep getting more and more gullible."

Alex Ride

Punch, high kick, uppercut, power kick.
As Alex threw the final kick at her fighting partner, she could tell he knew she had won. He was thrown back landing on the padding roughly. He tried to lift his head, but it dropped uselessly on the mat again. She snapped her fingers and two others picked him up and carried him out. She paid people to come in here and fight her when she needed to let out some steam, and today was a good day as any. Lately there had been a lack of jobs that required her expertise and it made her grow restless. She was advised, no, warned was a better word. She was warned not to take any jobs outside of the group, because if they found out or if she got caught, there would be consequences. She didn't like the terms but without the group she knew there would be even less jobs out there, and the ones she could do would not be nearly as fun.

"Next!" Another person stepped onto the mat, this time a girl. She had a look in her eyes of determination. She saw that in many eyes, it was probably because she said if anyone beat her than she would give them a million dollars. It was no lie, she could easily give it to them. She just knew that none would ever earn it. As the girl stepped up she suddenly threw out a kick that Alex had not expected. Frowning Alex held up her hand blocking the kick. She then grabbed it and twisted, causing the girl to fall to the floor. "You are slow." said Alex. "Suprise attack do you no good if they have time to react." The girl threw out her leg making Alex topple, and she laughed a little. She wanted her to do that.

Throwing a kick from the floor at the girl, it made contact with her face, and Alex jumped up ready for another hit. The girl rose slowly and lunged at her once again, Alex moved calmy to the right. Turning she face the girl again. Throwing a punch at her. Then another. Then another. Then another. She just kept landing hit after hit, and she wasn't even trying. Soon she could tell the girl was done and stopped. "You can go." Defeated the girl slugged away. "Pathetic," Alex mumbled and took off her gloves. She walked out of the room and into her kitchen. "Now it's time for some breakfast."