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located in Wonderland, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.


Anywhere in Wonderland outside the places already specified in the rp.


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Rhia went wide eyed when she heard it, the screams and upon further inspection she could see it too, “They left her!?” she asked in amazement, but not in the same fashion as before. This was disbelief. This was.. unbelievable. She couldn’t believe that they would leave her like that. Why the hell- Then she thought back to when Cheshire faced the Jabberwocky.. how they were forced to leave, and she felt tears forming in her eyes. She understood, but she didn’t really agree. All for one and one for all..right? Why should one person go down for everyone else? It doesn't seem fair.. she looked up to Cheshire, trying to be reassuring, although she was sure she was trying to reassure herself as well, “That woman, she’ll be okay..” won’t she..? She continued her sentence inside her head. It didn’t look too great.

Rhia bit her bottom lip, “I’m sure he’s trying his best..” and she touched her hands to Absolem’s head, noticing that his facial expression seemed to change a bit. It seemed to calm and soothe slightly and her head began to hurt, her mouth opening in shock and from the pain. Was she.. taking some of his pain? Is this some of what he was feeling? It was..terribly painful and she wasn’t even taking all of it, just a fraction. “I want to do something too..” she mumbled to herself. She stayed kneeled by him, holding his head, watching his hands relax as she took on a little more, “We’ll do this together Absolem.” She smiled a bit, then to Cheshire, “I’m tired of sitting around and being for show.” She told her after closing her eyes and focusing back on the task at hand. So.. she did have powers. It just took her to feel incredibly scared and cornered for her to be able to channel them.

She blinked when she noticed Grey, “I’m doing the best I can..” she mumbled, “But he’s still going to feel a lot of pain..” she replied in a tired tone. She smiled a bit when Grey began giving him physical comfort. “Glad to see things are becoming more..” She trailed off, closing and opening her eyes as her own vision blurred, “Under control..” she finished her sentence.

She knew Grey had to be wondering what she was doing, “I’m not sure how.. but somehow I can take away some of the pain he’s feeling and share it from him to myself.. but my tolerance isn’t near as great as his.. I can’t take on much more of it..I’m taking only about fifteen percent of what he was managing on his own..” Rhia was obviously in a lot of pain now as well, her first time REALLY testing her powers was absorbing Absolem’s pain, not to mention the original pain of using them.


Absolem / Caterpillar

Absolem focused on keeping the house hidden, thankful that he still had the weakest set of flowers to aid him in feeding the energy needed to conceal the house. Just a little longer Absolem.. He told himself, eyes closed as he focused on his task, and breathing, His hands never let go of his hair, not for a second. He could hear those around him, but every time he opened his eyes was was seeing double and they were spinning in odd circles.. He tried to force a smile, “I am alright Rhia.” He forced out in a struggled tone. “It’s not like I can control which of my defenses get destroyed..” He retorted back to Cheshire in an exhausted tone, “I’m far from falling unconscious, I promise you.” He mumbled back, “I just need to sit here undisturbed if you want this behemoth to remain hidden.”

With that, he went back to remaining silent. He didn't want them to know just how much it pained him to be doing all of this, but he decided to remain a trooper. He was not going to let go and show the house yet. Not yet. He needed to give Duchess a chance to escape.. then he could release it. Then he could rest. “Like hell I’m letting something like this get the best of me.” He mumbled more to himself than to anyone in particular. Absolem heard Grey’s voice, eyes opening and seeing a bit clearer. What was Rhia doing to him, and why did it feel like some of the pain was being washed away. It was an.. odd feeling, “Hey..” He smirked to Grey, “I knew you could handle yourself without me.” He blinked when he felt Grey grab his hands, closing his eyes. He merely nodded, not appreciating how weak everyone was seeing him, but everyone knew how much strain overexerting himself put on his body. He barely felt the boy hug him, but he acknowledged him, letting go of his own hair with one hand to pat Grey on the head, “Good job.” He stated as kind as possible despite feeling exasperated by the pain in his head.