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Season of Giving 2020

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Snippet #2023190

located in Wonderland, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.


Anywhere in Wonderland outside the places already specified in the rp.


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Ivory it has a familiar ring to it, doesn't it?

Ivory wasn’t exactly assured as to her location. Honestly, she didn’t know where she was at all. In fact, the last thing she could summon up from her memory was Rabbit doing something with the clocks. She was in the woodlands when she stirred, her skull ringing painfully. She looked around, but at first her sight was blurry and everything looked mushed together in an array of color and disfigured shape. She knew she was in the woods however based off the surrounding sounds and the way the earth felt underneath her hands. She wasn’t aware of what she was intended to do with herself and she was left questioning how she got here in the first place. This is not Rabbit’s house.. What happened to me? Not to mention what happened to Rabbit?! They hadn’t even been properly contracted yet.. She shook her head, she didn’t have time to sort this out, Wonderland was a dangerous place. She was torn from her thoughts when she instinctively scrambled to her feet when she saw a plant move, feeling herself begin to tremble in fright. She wasn’t the bravest of the humans, that much was for sure. Being abandoned wasn’t improving her uneasiness either. Ivory ran the instant the plant shifted again, screaming out in terror.

She was darting between foliage, over Wonderland wildlife, doing her best to not step on anything. Even a mouse could prove fatal in a place such as this! She was pretty agile, evading the trees well considering the momentum she obtained from the downward dash. Her usual skill at sprinting like this normally wasn’t proficient, so she was merely waiting to crash into someone or something. Half of the girl wanted to find someone, yet then again, half of her did not. She found a group, well sort of. She heard them, so she hid behind a group of trees. There was a green haired male clutching his head and a blue haired girl..boy? Uhm, she wasn’t sure trying to help him somehow and a slightly intimidating girl near both of them, barking angrily. She clutched the tree nervously. She wasn’t sure she wanted to show herself, but she needed to make herself known soon. She then noticed another group approach a blonde girl..boy? Why are so many of them confusing about their gender!? She noticed more people in what looked to be a carriage or chariot. She moved from her tree, closer towards the people in the chariot, peeking from behind it to get a better look. There was a set of twins, a girl, and a boy. Who were they? More Wonderland inhabitants? Contractors? She wanted to make herself known, but she felt her fingers tremble against the bark of the tree. She was… scared. She wouldn’t have been, had she been with Rabbit, but she was on her own again. She quickly hid behind the tree again when she realized they’d possibly see her. She was really pale and in all white clothing with long white hair. She stuck out against the dark colors like a sore thumb. She turned her back to them leaning on the tree, drumming her fingers quietly on the bark in attempt to concentrate and comfort herself as she tried to come to a conclusion on how to act. Violent or safe, you’ve got to decide quickly Ivory! If I show myself..will they kill me?