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located in The Milky Way Universe, a part of Nebula's Dawn: F.S.S. Salient, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Milky Way Universe

A vast void filled with scattered celestial bodies that vary in size, shape, and form.


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Tiaan Peyton

Startled by the arrival of the other person she pushed away the sodden thing once known as her dress with her foot, trying to hide the fact she slept here. Slept through nearly everything. This really wasn't a good day. At least she wouldn't be called Birdy anymore, but to be honest she had found Birdy rather patronising as her Father had a real name, Vulture, a bird of prey, not some cheap insult. She had never fit in with those guys, in fact more than once she had fought them. Well she was off now and hoped this wouldn't go on her record, "If this is your room Miss--Sir---Madam---" feeling flustered she couldn't decide how to address the woman who was clearly above her rank, that's for sure.

"I understand how this looks." she took a long deep breath, "But, I promise this won't happen again. In fact I'd like to go see my Fighter arrived safely." as she spoke she tried to tidy her hair with her hand and fingers, making it less messy, but failing rather miserably."

Most people who saw Tiaan thought she looked cute, but also deeply sad inside, they could be right, but she also had a very upbeat demeanour and wasn't above a little fun. Although on the Demeter only chance she got with that was during Dock Leave, and even then it sucked to love someone and then leave them. So yesterday had seemed amazing, here was a girl coming on to her, so why the hell had she decided to scream.

God knows, still waiting for an answer she gave up on her hair growling annoyed and resumed saluting.