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located in The Milky Way Universe, a part of Nebula's Dawn: F.S.S. Salient, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Milky Way Universe

A vast void filled with scattered celestial bodies that vary in size, shape, and form.


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"At ease, Peyton," Alice murmured, giving the girl a sharp nod. "There's no need to panic. You can't be blamed for one night of revelry." She crossed her room towards the cabinets and began putting away the now-open bottles of spirits. She was going to have to host a crew party if she did not want it to go to waste... "Just make sure that it doe snot happen again. Without permission from superiors."

She glanced back at Tiaan to ensure that she was heard, and nodded to herself when she was. She stacked all the bottles back in the cabinet.

"Davidson," she called to the second pilot. "If you would contact the ship's service and ask to have the linens changed. If they ask what happened, hang up."

With that, Alice turned so that she could see the pair of them.

"I am Lieutenant Commander Alice Chen," she announced evenly. "Second in command aboard the Salient."