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Snippet #2027062

located in School Building, a part of DEAD: Zombie Survival!, one of the many universes on RPG.

School Building



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Character Portrait: Sam Shepard Character Portrait: Chinen Aika
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The undead swarmed around their targets last known location. The young man seeking refuge inside the teachers lounge had attempted to bar the doors but to no avail. The horde was too thick and he had neither the time nor the interest in wrestling with the hungry ghouls at that kind of a distance to force the issue. The fight had spilled into the room, the teen being forced to use everything and anything around him as a weapon. Chairs, tables, office equipment and finally his own fists. The sounds of his shouting and cursing as he battled on could be heard outside as he fought on. Then a mighty roar of exertion and the wall came caving in as a portion of the counter top was hurled through it. Undead bodies imploded through the hole along with the massive projectile. Their bodies crushed to pieces from the chaos of the attack. Only one still moved. It's lower half pinned under the debris. It slowly lurched it's torso up as its intended target stepped through the hole he'd just made.

"Don't you fuckers ever just die?"

Sam asked before kicking the zombie hard in the forehead. The blow shot it's head back to smack on the hard floor, blood oozing from the wound it created. The big American was breathing heavy from exertion but was safe for now. Everything around him was dead, really dead. He glanced around to be sure of that before breathing out a sigh of relief. Allowing himself to catch his breath even if it was just for a moment. He looked up just as he heard a window crash. He watched in horror as one of his classmates hurled themselves out of a fourth floor window only to find an unceremonious landing zone in a bed of flowers. Sam ran to the window he was looking out of from the ground floor.

"Shit, they're still alive!"

He said aloud in shock. Part of him new the smart choice would be to leave him. Ignore it and keep moving. It would be the smart thing to do. Sam pondered his options for all of a few seconds before sprinting to the nearest exit.

"Ah fuck me."

He cursed at himself as he kicked the door in and charged outside. There was three zombies slowly shambling to the downed body of Sam's classmate. They never stood a chance. The fist connected with the back of the undead skull with such force Sam felt bone crack beneath his fist. The body went limp instantly as it went flying forward only to come to a stop after skidding across the grass. The second ghoul noticed his presence now and turned. One of it's hands extended, reaching for him. It's ghastly hands grasping for his throat. What it received instead however was a quick punch to the temple before being lifted off the ground and hurled through the air before smashing into the wall. It's skull cracking from the impact. The final zombie was fixated on the downed student. It was almost on him now. It loomed over the teen, it's soulless, lifeless eyes wide with unending hunger. It's blood covered hands nearing it's target. It's jagged, ruined teeth gnashing in starvation. Suddenly a handful of the zombies hair was seized from behind before it was slammed backwards onto the ground.

"Eat this you piece of shit!"

Sam said before curb stomping the creatures head in with one savage blow. With the zombies brains and blood all over his sneakers Sam turned to the student and was shocked to see he recognized him.

"Holy shit! Aika?!"

Shepard said in surprise as he reached down and helped the classmate to his feet. Chinen Aika and Sam Shepard sat beside each other in the same World Literature class. While the two teens weren't best of friends, hanging out and getting drunk every weekend they were friendly enough. The two spoke and even shared a joke or two in class every once in a while but the friendship really never went past that. Through no fault of either boy it was merely just one of those things. Sam helped the boy up and noticed he was clutching his wrist.

"Ah shit man ya break it? I saw you jump out of that window. I'm surprised your not dead bro."