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located in Republic City, a part of The Legend of Korra: The Vigil, one of the many universes on RPG.

Republic City



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Character Portrait: Jingfei Sun
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Jingfei smiled at Kaiko as he walked in, looking spiffier than normal, "As if," she said answering his second question, "There's too much fun in getting in trouble to give it up. Go on a date?" she asked knowing that what he was wearing was fancy even for him. She guessed it was that receptionist from the hospital he worked at, remembering that last week it seemed he couldn't stop talking about her, but that was just a guess.

That's when Yamamoto burst in, in an angry rage that was off the charts. Jingfei whistled lowly, "Oh, you done it now boss," she said adding a little commentary onto the newly tense situation. She wasn't sure why Yamamoto was yelling at Tao this time, but from the looks of it, it was pretty serious. Maybe he was on a date too, she thought, Of course that would be weird....well why not, I know next to nothing about his life outside of here. I guess he could be considered quite the ladies man to those hard working girls. Why not? This thought process went on for a while before eventually she just shook it off and came back to reality.

"So why did you call us here?" she inquired to Tao, "You said we would have the night off and I was enjoying the satisfaction of dowsing a rich lady in sewer sludge. Why must you cut that kind of entertainment short?"