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located in Terota, a part of The Dollmaster's Key, one of the many universes on RPG.


Terota - A simple village in the north, with no firm political standing or economic benefits.


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Character Portrait: Raine Alba Character Portrait: Jaina Cassandra
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Watching the black-haired doll's reaction as patiently as she could, Cassandra held out the small bag of coins in her hand. While she looked every inch inferior compared to the one in front, the amethyst-haired doll was actually inwardly throwing her every swear words that she acquired from her mistress' uncouth mouth. She had remembered once thinking of cursing as very idiotic and unladylike. After all, she had observed from the matrons of the society on how they complained for a person's very vocal... speech. It was considered a shameful move but now as she waited for the stupid doll's hand, she found herself not caring a bit about it.

Very much tempted to push the coins on the superior-acting doll's ugly face, she then settled on discreetly fisting her purse with her left hand on the sides. Despite her initial judgment and disgust for the surroundings, she was forced to temporarily place her parasol at the nearby barely standing counter. She didn’t know how many more moments this stupid doll would waste to get the money but she would rather not want to look like an idiot cramming all of her belongings in her free hand—the other currently holding out the small bag.

Surreptitiously eyeing the jointed being, she could not stop shaking her head mentally. Noting on how pitiful-looking the slower doll was. She considered dolls of her generation cursed and deprived—the undoubtedly superior acting one’s that was. They had looked disgusting with or without the many layers of clothes covering their body and they looked so creepily very much still doll-like to the very core that Cassandra sometimes felt sorry for them. They moved slower, process information even way slower—than she could obviously and they are such old-age believers that she couldn’t stop shuddering whenever she had to have a prolonged stay with one of them, like now… for starters. They were truly such weak creatures that are destined to die way too easier compared to her kind.

Noticing her still outstretched hand, she almost groaned once she noted that it hadn't been more than a moment yet when she had last showed the other doll the coins. “I am really proud of my skills”, she randomly thought, studying the bag of coins. It had come from Madame Lilian, one of the many matrons she had successfully won over. Her latest victim actually. Recalling how she was able to deceive the older fat woman into doing all of her bidding, Cassandra lowered her head and smirked in secret.

The woman was such a stupid fool: easily swayed by a bit of charming words and praises complimented on her way. Cassandra had stayed with her for some few moons and it was only when they had visited Terota (due to her innocent request) that she decided to ditch the woman’s not-so-companionable presence. The woman had totally fallen under her traps when the amethyst-haired doll had deceitfully commented in passing on how she needed provisions in order to travel for her conquest to find her beloved prince. Lilian Gaborne had wasted no time in giving her lots of the said provisions worth more than just a thousand coins. Garments, foods, and even the escorts, the wealthy wife of a Duke gave her everything that she needed and wished for. 'Urgh! I can gag now!' She thought haughtily as she vanished away the remnants of the mistress of Hastings away from her mind.

Finally, after a seemingly long period of waiting, the archaic doll had reached for the money and took it into her jointed hands. Sighing quietly in relief, she gently massaged her hands and unconsciously waited with bated breath for her next action.

Perhaps, she wouldn’t dare not let me get off the journey now? 'That wasn’t a petty amount of monetary value after all! 'Unable to stop the small smirk from spreading on her lovely features, Cassandra’s eyes greatly widened when the jointed doll dropped the coin bag unceremoniously on the ground. Hearing the sounds of the coins knocking over each other as it abruptly fell, she almost missed the cold voice speaking. Feeling as if she was a jointed doll herself, instead of her prided jointless structure, she slowly comprehended the statements.

"So, doll, where did you get this money? I am honor-bound to report you to any and all authorities and persons whom you might have wronged. Tell me, and tell me the truth. This money was not earned by any proper practice was it? What did you do to get it? Have you found that purse-cutting is a suitable alternative for learning a trade? Do not fear. It is the duty of those better than you to bring you on the right path. So tell me. doll, where did you obtain this?

The black-haired being had spoken without waiting for her response and it was only because of Cassandra’s intellectual prowess that helped her understand the words even in a stunned state.

Almost growling but thankfully regaining her composure, she stared directly to the golden-eyed doll and spoke in the most detached tone she can master (despite her grave rage): “Those coins had come from a friend. Madame Lilian Gaborne of Hastings in case you wanted to know.” Cassandra decided to be truthful—since the money did came from the portly woman. And no matter how angry she was for this doll’s insolence, she was reminded to stick to her act even till the last moments. Though unintentionally leaving out the stutters as she then added “I would have appreciated it greatly if you asked me about it before you had so much cold-heartedly dropped my well-earned possessions without second thoughts…” Cassandra trailed off, snapping back into her meek persona when she was able to calm down for a bit.

“I can assure you that these coins didn’t come from illegal means. I could not dare imagine that dolls of your stature could be this… uncivilized and mean. I came here with clean conscience and with the hope finding my key. Remember that I am very sorry to say this and I meant no offense, but I feel that it is my duty to state this else you continue your wicked attitude. You, Madam are the worst kind of jointed doll that I have ever had the displeasure of knowing.

Gagging mentally at the respectful tone she had used, she continued cursing the damned doll in the confines of her mind. Cassandra curtsied stiffly, before gracefully lowering to collect the coins. With a grimace, she carefully took the gold back into the bag and once done, she wordlessly stood up.

Retrieving the rest of her belongings, she then turned to walk away. Not sparing the others another single glance when she reached the exit, she stopped momentously not caring to look back before she uttered: “Though I am obviously weaker than you are, I will not subject myself to the torture of the likes of you. Please look forward for my complaints to the local authority, because not only did you step over my humble being… you also intentionally shamed Madame Lilian’s name. Good day.”