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located in Subject 11, a part of Subject 11, one of the many universes on RPG.

Subject 11



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"Hm... The people who escaped aren't going to get very far without this..." Alice said which seemed to be to herself before she ran to subject 25 and handed over a large piece of paper. Subject 25 first was a little confused by Alice giving her the paper but when she took a closer look at it she noticed that it was the map of this island. "I found this on one of the bodies. We can use this to find our way around. Since you probably know more about this than I do... I think you should decide where to go." Alice said and subject 25 nodded. This map was the best they could run into at this moment. A way to get around easily on this island and to take the shortest way to a city. Subject 25 examined the map. Except for all the different ways and routes there seemed to be 2 cities and 1 huge forest on this island. All subject 25 had to do was decide which route to take and which city they would invade first.


Subject 25 suddenly heard an explosion behind her and she immediately turned around getting herself ready for a fight as she did so but once she turned around she could only see Alice. It seemed like Alice was just playing around a bit with her dolls so subject 25 just turned around again and took a closer look at the map again. She was searching for the best but still the fastest way to go to one of the cities while suddenly a little doll appeared in subject 25's vision. IT looked exactly the same as Alice so it wasn't hard to guess who it was from. The power Alice had surely been interesting but subject 25 had to concentrate on the map. "So... Have you decided where we're gonna go?" Alice asked subject 25 while she just had found the perfect way to get to one of the cities. "Yea look here." Subject 25 said while she placed her finger on the route they were going to take. The ending of the route was the city which was closest to the forest. "If we take this route we should get there even before night" subject 25 said convinced. "What do you think? Are you ready to go?" Subject 25 asked Alice. Finally subject 25 would be able to kill a lot of people again.

(This actually happened in the past or else the posts wouldn't really fit anymore. Andrew and Mitch were brought back in the lab after subject 25 and Alice left for the city. They never even saw the team escorting Andrew and Mitch back to the lab or else it wouldn't really make any sense.)

"May I call you Alice?" Dorian asked subject 89 and she was quite shocked to hear that name from someone else again. It was painful but at the same time it also made subject 89 happy. "Deri, have you met Alice?" He asked to someone named Deri. "Alice this is Derivare but everyone calls him Deri. Dorian said to Alice helping her to get in a conversation. "No, I haven’t." The person called Deri answered Dorian but after he did so he smiled at her and held out his hand. "Hi, I’m Derivare but Deri for short." Deri was still smiling and this was very strange for subject 89. Never before it happened that someone else then her deceased partner was so nice to her. This made subject 89 really unsure. Carefully she brought her hand to Deri's before she carefully started shaking it. "He- Hello." Subject 89 wasn't able to say more. She was too scared to open up just yet.


Dr.Mayu woke up again in what seemed to be a medical tent. She had been treated and had woken up shortly after what had happened. It looked like there had arrived more reinforcement and that a small group had taken the mutant and traitor back to the lab. Too bad actually. Dr.Mayu would surely have loved it if she could torture those 2 a little more. But there were more important things to do now. First of all Dr.Mayu had to wake Emma up and after doing that she had to continue to look for the other escaped mutants. Dr.Mayu was sure that those weren't that far from where she was. Maybe it was best to go and take a look in the city. But then again Dr.Mayu was pretty sure that those foolish mutants would want to stick to this place where there weren't too many humans. Yes she was sure there would still be a lot of mutants in this forest. It was only a matter of time before she would find them and once she does she is going to make them regret ever thinking about the outside.