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Snippet #2045554

located in Throme, a part of Masks of the Soul, one of the many universes on RPG.


Throme - a city of urban wonders


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Character Portrait: Amara "Amy" Calen Character Portrait: Vera Chung
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Vera Chung | Throme

With a soft smile, the aged lady brushed past the pair, before continuing down the sidewalk with hardly a pause. “Good afternoon, dearies,” she uttered with a tinge of a northern accent. Vera merely nodded her head in greeting before watching as the bus screeched off, leaving behind the curious scent of pepperoni pizza. The high school student wrinkled her nose irritably, before getting distracted by Amara finally saying something.

Ah, um… Where are we going? There’s a, a meeting, right? Shouldn’t we be in the Greenhouse?” Amara asked, while Vera mentally rolled her eyes. Really, there was no helping people. It was just like the newbie to have no clue about anything at all. It was all very simple. It wouldn’t be harmful to get there early - after all, who knew if the Itex would show up with their guns blazing, looking to get back at them for their spectacular failure from the roof.

Vera forced a smile as she continued to explain everything to the slow-witted peer. Making sure to keep her voice as impeccably cheery as usual, she attempting to describe the current turn of affairs to the extraordinarily dumb student - it was just proof that Valencia’s trendy rich kids weren’t all that smart away from their smart phones and all that junk. “Remember the note that we found on the roof? We’ve planned to do something and maybe get the Grace stone fragment that they were talking about. Liesel’s been gloating about her success for the past weeks - er, when she wasn’t breaking things and screaming because the others left.”

“Anyways, there’s nothing to worry about. Lucas will know exactly what’s going on when he arrives at the greenhouse and see us not there.” And if he doesn’t, Liesel would be willing to point him in the right direction after reprimanding him for being late. “And since I really don’t want to end up being late and having to run and try to hurry, I figured that we might as well get a head start and start now. Come on - are you ready? You have your 50 cents ready for the subway ride, right? It won’t be very far anyways. I think you can probably convert your argen to cents there, but there’s always a long line in front of the machine ‘cause no one ever has the exact change. So hurry up, I’m raring to go and finally beat Itex at their own game.”

There. If the newb didn’t understand it even after that lengthy explanation, Vera was going to hit her on the head and hope that the trauma would help her regrow her paltry brain cells. It was too bad that Gage and Coraline had disappeared off into the depths of nowhere - heck, Vera had lost track of where they had disappeared to. It was really a shame that they had lost the ability to continue on their path. With their aid, the student council wouldn’t even have to cart around this brainless idiot. “So, are you ready yet?” Vera leaned in closely, before whispering in Amara’s ear. “You do have your mask with you, right? Or at the very least, you have your code phrase firmly in your brain?” Even though it was highly improbably that Itex would have a discrete sprinkling of agents in the area, there was no way that she would lose her most valuable possession.

“Everything will happen perfectly, but there’s no point in losing an opportunity to transform into someone better right?” she continued whispering, before pushing Amara forward slightly. “Don’t you love that thrill when the power just takes over and you become someone that’s just utterly perfect?” Then, Vera quickly plastered a smile on her face again, before skipping forward a few steps, feeling the wind in her hair. “Come on, Amy! There’s no time to waste on a Friday afternoon! It’ll just be a few stops by subway - and when we’re done with this task, we can go home and finally do something really worthwhile.” Vera couldn’t help but scan the sidewalk behind them, looking to see if their president had caught up with them… While there was no point in worrying, it felt odd to be on an Itex mission without Lucas.