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Snippet #2047181

located in Orion Arm, Milky War Galaxy, a part of Ascendancy: A Candle in the Dark, one of the many universes on RPG.

Orion Arm, Milky War Galaxy

Though humanity has spread far, space is too vast to make that anything more than a relative statement. The Orion-Cygnus arm of the Milky Way Galaxy is some 10,000 lightyears long and 3,500 lightyears across, and it is here where humanity resides.


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-------------------Inside the Ryuu System, just outside atmosphere of the capital planet----------------
“Lang! Tell me you have something on this planet. We are practically right on top of it. There is no logical reason for your sensors not to work at this range.”

Lang responded quickly, “Lt. Bentley, there are definite signs of population centers on this planet. A lot of them. I can’t get good readings on the atmosphere. There is something important we have to do now Lieutenant.”

Lt. Bentley keyed the comms. “Well, tell me Lang.”

Lang responded slowly, realizing the gravity of the situation. “As ranking officer, and first contact with a new nation, you are officially the IPF representative to this nation. We have to land and establish communication with them.”

Lt. Bentley audibly cursed. His speciality was combat flight, not diplomatic relations. This was not a good situation. “Fine. Lang, find us a place-“

Lang cut back in. “I already have a spot designated Bentley. It’s a rather unoccupied area, so we may have a chance to explore before first contact. Distance to nearest population center; 20 km.”

Lt. Bentley set the comms to address the entire squadron. “Allright 1st Recon. Looks like it falls to us to establish first contact with this nation. Head to the coordinates provided by Lang, and prepare to land. Once we land, prepare weapons for hostile activity. You all remember what happened to Captain Han of the Solaris” Torn to pieces by the natives of the Turona system…The craft hit their thrusters as they entered the atmosphere of the planet. “Sword unit, prep for a fight, but do NOT make the first shot unless you deem it absolutely necessary. Logic above all.” 1st Recon made its way down towards the surface of the planet.

--------------------------------Aboard the Concord--------------------------------------------------------------------
General Austin had just re-entered the bridge of dining on some E-Rations, when the communications officer stood up. He was about to address the Captain, but upon seeing Austin enter the room, he thought it more logical to skip the middle man and approach the General. “General Austin. We just received a reply from the UCO. They forwarded a set of coordinates to us, and stated we are cleared to land. The message came from a General Percy Bryant. Retrieving dossier now.” General Austin nodded his approval. These new recruits keep getting better at their jobs. The communications officer brought up a datapad to Austin. Austin took it in his hands and scrolled through what little information they had. Seems Bryant wasn’t just an ordinary officer. Commander of the 3rd Battle Group! Seems I’ll be able to level with Bryant on this situation… It falls under both our departments. He walked to his command post, and motioned to the Pilot. “Take us in Yuri. Nice and easy. Let’s not keep the General waiting.” The Concord lurched as it surged forward at maximum safe speed.
----------------------------------2 hours later, near Elysia------------------------------------------------------------
The Concord easily entered Elysia’s atmosphere. It was at the designated coordinates within minutes. As it landed, General Austin stood on the off-load port, a large elevator that was used to drop off large amounts of troops and or vehicles. This time, it was only occupied by Austin, and a squad of Sword troops. Unbeknownst to any outsiders, there were also two Dagger soldiers, cautiously cloaked behind the soldiers. As soon as the port touched the ground, they dispersed to the left and right, hiding behind nearby buildings. They pulled out high powered Particle Rifles, loaded them. They kept them lowered though. Their orders were simply to protect the General. If the need arised. General Austin walked off the elevator, followed by the small contingent of troops. He stood his ground, and looked for a sign of this General Bryant.

-----------------------------------------------On Ryuu-----------------------------------------------------------------
1st Recon landed in a tight formation. Bentley was the first to disembark. He breathed in the atmosphere, and reasoned it was breathable enough. Although there were tell-tale traces of firearm residue in the air. Hopefully, it wasn’t recent… Lang disembarked next, followed by his contingent of Sword troopers. They spread out quickly, scouting the immediate area. Bentley realized that they were in what seemed to be a small canyon. Good place to make camp. Rex, Tanner, and Gendren disembarked as well, and gathered around Bentley. They then walked to Lang, who was busy putting together a 3D layout of the surrounding vicinity using his shuttle’s instruments.