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Snippet #2050317

located in Down the Rabbit-Hole, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.

Down the Rabbit-Hole

You are standing in a large hall, so large you can't see the walls or the ceiling.


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Character Portrait: Jabberwocky Discordia
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Beginning of the end.

Tibbs felt the ground shake, but was unable to see anything wrong, so as the roots snapped out they caught the huge beast unawares. Struggle. Fight. Thrash. Fail. The monster was caught tight in the constricting bands, no matter how it struggled, no matter how many roots it snapped, there were far too many. The monster was pissed. Bellowing it's anger, as the flaming arrows plunked off of it's hide- a few finding purchase in it's skin, but not enough to do more than further anger the monster. This was going wrong, and fast.

But that was fine.

A whisper pulled at Tibbs, it spoke slow and softly, letting him know he was a good boy. Things were fine. It was a familiar voice.

"Rest. It's all ok. We will take it from here. Sleep now." the voice said, Tibbs' motions slowing, it's struggles stopping. The beast was still, and relaxed, and it's eyes cleared. For just a moment it was a dog again, it's mind that of a simple hound. It had no idea what was going on...then it exploded into ash.

Tibbs' death was so sudden, the roots still held a rough shape of the beast's mass for a moment, as the ash fell away into the wind. It was not the only surprise.

Suddenly, without warning, the rest of the Jabberwocky's forces meet the same fate...all exploding into a dense cloud of ash. If seen from high above, say from a mile or two up, one would see similar events happening all over Wonderland. Some unexplained force was causing all of the infected areas to disintegrate into ash. The trees of the infected forests, the random animals filled with darkness, even the Generals in the Jabberwocky's army- Cook, Doormouse and the others, all poofing into ash...and blowing away.

What those on the ground could see however was the effects- Tons of ash were filling the sky. The sun was eclipsed, the moon blotted out. Not a star would be seen. Wonderland had been cast in darkness. The how and the why were less important than the effect, soon the days would be cold and the nights colder..the remaining vegetation would die, animals would endless winter, with ash instead of snow.

But what had happened?

Jabberwocky halted, it's glass form whirling in a death dance over one of the fallen Bandersnatch clan members, the others had escaped into the forest. Chasing them would be pointless. Instead the being would make inquires, information would be gleaned from this wounded specimen. A single shard of black glass slides into the Bandersnatch's wound, drawing forth a scream.

"Glad I have your A̴̴̬̮̪̰͓T̡̕͏̴̲̰̠̮̦͇̗̹̜̰̟̼͉̼̝̱̘͜ͅT̨̛̪̭͕͕́̀E̸̡̯̱̘̥͔̞͡N̷̢̦̖͉͇̖̫̗͚͙̮̠͎̣̯͍͟T̡̕͝͏̭̪͈͔̞͡I̷̷͉̫̲̬̤̮͈̪͎̪̖͘͘͢O̶̡̢̮̼̟͎̮͖̟͖̟͈̝͔͍̩͎̘̥̕͝ͅͅṆ̣͈̖̦͍͇̘̹̪̖͕̺̹͟͜͡ I have some questions. Answer them and you die. Failure will be W͏̸͇̩͉͔̠̬̘̭̘͢O̸̺̬̰̮̫̹̲̖̣̩͍̟͘͜R̸͏̛̭̻͉͖̘͔͕͠S̴̰̝̲͚̻͖̼̟̬͢E̡̥͍͍̫̣̩̗͈̞̰͡." the being spoke in the sound of scattering leaves.

Gina's giggles bubble over, as the girl watches, playing with a small fragment of the glass. She felt odd, no longer a single entity with the Jabberwocky, but she could feel the being's essence flow through her still. They were one, even separated. She leaned on a tree, listening to the Bandersnatch babble answers to her friend's questions. It seemed the clan knew how to fight the infection...flames would purge the taint from Wonderland. Jabberwocky's defeat was at hand. Already news was racing to the survivors in the form of the clan's leader. Together they would burn away the plague.

"Hmm. Can't let that happen. You think by striping me of my army you D̳͙͓̟̲̭̼̻͚͟͠E̡̱͉̼̬̜͕̱̺̝̥̯̩͈͖̯͈͝͠͠ͅC̷̢͙͙̗̰̘̖̮̗̕L͢͠҉̨̯͎̰̪̜͇̩Ą̪͉̦͔̝͍̟̰̳̜̖̗̟͞W̖͈̺͎̼̳͓̥͎̜͎͓̯͎͡ me? You think you win when I stand alone? I will show you granting your wish. Behold. I stand A̢̪̗͍̪͓̝͔̤̙͔̹̹̺͚ͬ͑̉͛͛̓͛ͩ̈̉͊ͯͭ̐ͮL̄̓̓ͣ͐ͨͭ̽̐ͮ̓͏͍̥͕͍̞̬̙̠̞̭͓̠̤͉̼̣͕͟O̶̹̘͇̦̰͉̜ͧͤ͌̽͑̒ͫ̑̃̋̔͛ͨͩ̔͋̀Nͬ̔̍͗̿̏̓̽̍͌ͦ̐̓ͦͩ͒́͏̞̲̺̞̣̥͓̭̖̰̳͇̬̮̜͚̮͇Ȩ̶̧̭͔̮̗͕ͪ̄̐ͩ̌͋͛͆ͩ̊̃̈́!"

The final word marked the end of the war.

That single spoken word did what the assembled forces could not- it halted the plague. It also stole the sun, the moon and the sky. In one instant the war was over...and a new one began. The sky was lost- Birds died in droves, falling to the ground in piles. The ash was pervasive. No matter what one was always there. A reminder...Wonderlan was a wasteland in the making.

That day Jabberwocky robbed Alice of her power...Wonderland was hers....but where the ash fell it muted her. The red mist could not leave the protection of the castle. It was the only place left untouched. It would be the only place the survivors could go...

And time would pass....until the war began again.


Jabberwocky and Gina ended the life of the Bandersnatch, then set off, towards The Pit. The sole survivors of Jabberwocky's army, the trio of guards posted there waited guidance, they were of a different strain than the newer infection, they had been spared instant death. They would be hard at work by the time the duo arrived- Already the foundations of a castle were taking shape, a black tower of obsidian blocks. Whispers of Charm Tower would circulate, it's odd name without explanation. Dark beings were sighted there, figures cloaked in shadows, working day and night to place stone and lay mortar.

The Vorpal Blade would be kept's unknown power held in check by the tower's foundations. To kill Jabberwocky one would need to defeat the tower. A daunting task.

Wonderland would wither. Wonderland would die. Time was limited...but the survivors would need every second to build a force. Jabberwocky needed to die if there was a chance of restoring Wonderland. An army would be needed. Alliances would be needed. But would it all be enough?

Time would also let Jabberwocky prepare for the eventual battle- though denied it's plauge army..the being was not without tricks. The ash granted the being an unknown edge, would Jabberwocky still retain a form of control over the ash? Only time would tell. With Tibbs and the rest removed from the picture the survivors would quickly discover a power void...with the Jabberwocky removed from the picture...what would happen to the alliances gained thus far? Would they stay united enough to stand together against the comming storm?

Time passes.

Water sleeps, but Enemy never rests.