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Snippet #2053517

located in College Building 34 (aka The Freedom House), a part of Freedom Has a Stiff Price..., one of the many universes on RPG.

College Building 34 (aka The Freedom House)

College Building 34, the Freedom House


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Sam Ballinger
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Sam slid the magazine back into his pistol and looked down the ironsights, just to make sure everything was properly alligned. Everything had been quiet at Culver-Stockton for a few days, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

Ever since the Rangers had raided the campus, Sam had seen no one. It was a miracle he'd escaped alive. His memories of what happened were still crystal clear.

---Everyone on campus had been going about their normal activities. Some were having a few drinks, some were passed out on the floor, and still others were off spending quality time with someone in a dark corner somewhere.

But not Sam.

Sam was sitting in the tech room with two of his friends, surrounded by a thick, heavily scented haze.

"Hey, man. Don't park on my grass. Pass it on," Sam said, "If you guys are going to mooch off of my stash, at least keep it going."

"Yeah, my bad, dude," mumbled one of Sam's friends, handing the small glass pipe to Sam.

Sam took a long drag and held his breath.

"That's it," he thought, "One..."

Panicked sounds began echoing in the hallway.


His friends looked towards the door with puzzled expressions on their faces.


Gunshots sounded in the hall outside. Someone was screaming in agony.


The chaos was growing outside. Whatever was going on was getting close.


Sam exhaled a thick cloud of white smoke and his head began to swim. His vision blurred and focused again.

"Much better," he sighed, contentedly.

Suddenly, the door burst open. There stood Kris Halpsbruder, the self-appointed "Top Dog" at Culver-Stockton.

"Gents, we have a problem," barked Kris, "To your stations."

The next thirty minutes were a blur of gunpowder and bullet wounds, walls splattered with gore, and the sounds of friends and enemies alike screaming in pain. The next thing Sam knew, he was alone.---

He'd heard the troops marching around outside his hiding place in the old tech room, across campus from where he and his friends had been. He knew they were out there.

He just hadn't worked up the guts to leave.

As he slipped the pistol back into its holster, Sam heard the sound of an engine grind to a halt outside.

"Oh, shit..." He thought, "What could it be this time?"

He stood up and crossed to the windowless door, hesitating as he grasped the knob. As he began to turn it, he suddenly heard an explosion from somewhere beyond the door. He knew it was time to emerge.

As he ran outside, he drew his pistol and ducked behind a crumbled wall, stealing a glance over it to see what was going on.

An SUV had parked near the middle of the courtyard. Several young adults, all around his age, had emerged from the car, and were apparently causing a bit of a stir.

Two of them suddenly broke off from the group and began to run towards the gun nest as one of the soldiers collapsed, an arrow protruding from his neck.

A soldier emerged from somewhere to Sam's right, just in front of the wall Sam had chosen for cover. He holstered his pistol and drew his machete.

Standing up, Sam leaped over the wall and slashed the soldier across his torso as he turned to face Sam. There was a sick splatter as a mist of blood fell across the ground. The soldier's eyes flashed for a moment, then went dull as he collapsed in a lifeless heap.

The group of young adults had made their way to a gun nest not far from Sam's current position. He took off at top speed to catch up with them.

As he reached the nest, he could hear them talking to one another.

"...As in THE Army Rangers?!?" One of the girls blurted.

"I wish I was joking," replied a male voice.

"He's right, you know," interjected Sam from behind the group, sheathing his machete and raising both hands.