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located in Residential District, a part of The Rise of the Tari, one of the many universes on RPG.

Residential District

Where the majority of people live.


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Character Portrait: Fi'irios
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After passing through many of the white stone dwellings that were masterfully crafted in the early days, Fi’irios and his family finally reached their home. One of the many nondescript abodes that dotted the residential nodes of the city, but they were a feat in their own right. Considering that perhaps over half of the city was finished in the first fifteen years of King Vaylen’s reign, not to mention the beautiful temples, and shrines. The palace itself was a work of art, waiting for more expansion.

Construction, however, was far from done, as work focused on the wall that encircled Tarin. The beautiful white stones that adorned the structures and streets of the city were remarkably beautiful, perhaps unique not for its color, but the fact that the Tarians had managed to build a city of stone. Perhaps the first city of stone the Cradle had known, perhaps not though, for cities in the past may have been buried in the sand. As for the color itself, it was merely an add-on that aided the pose struck by the city.

As they entered the stone house, Fi’irios’s mother walked Lanea his sister, and Yralc his brother, off to bed, for it was very late now. Fi’irios, however, crossed his arms and leaned against the wall watching them off.

“Fi’irios, aye you should get to sleep now,” his father bade him.

“I…um…don’t really want to go to yet,” Fi’irios turned to his father, who returned him a raised eyebrow.

“Hmm, well we’ll start early tomorrow, but you’re a grown man by now. Just don’t stay out too late,” his father scratched his chin before turning in for the night.

“I won’t,” Fi’irios turned away as he left the house.

He sauntered with his arms relaxed, guided only by the light of the moon, down the streets of Tarin. Those streets were bare now, with small rocks littering the unpaved paths. The stands and bazaars were closed for the night, perhaps in homage of the King. The former King now, Fi’irios realized that Prince Tenszar had, by right of blood, become the new King of Tarin.

He heard several footsteps around the corner, which prompted him to glimpse in the direction of the sound. To no avail did he spot a person, perhaps they were just apparitions in the shadows. Then he heard more footsteps, this time it seemed like more than a pair of steps. Fi’irios turned around, only to be flanked by three soldiers of the Guard Corps. They were armed with their characteristic spears of bronze, of which his father helped to craft.

“What be yeh reasonin’ to be out so late at night, lad?” the guard was perhaps drunk, or his speech was normally slurred.

“Eh…heheh,” Fi’irios chuckled, “I was just going out for the air.”

“Mmh, so you are” the second guard spoke, “On the night of the King’s funeral.”

“I’m not sure I follow…” Fi’irios looked to the guard, perplexed by his odd thought. The guards gazed at the moon, then back at the young man.

“What is your reasoning to be out here!” the first guard burst, almost in Fi’irios’s face had it not been for his compatriots holding him back.

“Easy Asdru,” the second guard turned to Fi’irios, “You should go on back. The dawn is nigh,” the guards left him on his own, continuing their night patrols. He watched them off before turning back the way he went, the empty streets of Tarin.