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Snippet #2057036

located in College Building 34 (aka The Freedom House), a part of Freedom Has a Stiff Price..., one of the many universes on RPG.

College Building 34 (aka The Freedom House)

College Building 34, the Freedom House


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Sam allowed himself a nearly unnoticeable smile and his gaze flicked from the girl who'd introduced herself as Jewel to the commander who'd been identified as Jack.

"Commander Jack, eh?" Sam inquired, "Bet you would've gotten along great with Kris. He's..." Sam trailed off for a moment, lost in thought.

"He WAS the top dog here. That is, up until those Ranger bastards filled him with more holes than a damn pasta strainer."

Sam and Kris had never been friends. They'd never been on bad terms, necessarily, but they weren't the best of buddies. They only spoke with one another when it was absolutely necessary.

"I used to be the intel guy around these parts. No one was even aware that these guys were looking for us. If the information had been available, I'd have been able to find it," Sam explained, "I could be useful to you, Cap'n. If you guys have any sort of computer access, I can get you almost any information you need. What do you say? Can I get a lift out of this smoldering heap of rubble?"

Sam stared directly at Jack and waited for him to make the call.