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Snippet #2057515

located in New Raven, a part of The Damned II, one of the many universes on RPG.

New Raven

When entering the City please watch your step, walking in the wrong territory can have it removed.


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Character Portrait: Maystin Character Portrait: Madd Dog Mcgee
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"Come on you pussy, push harder!" Screams of encouragement rang through the hallowed passages the twisted and turned all around Madd Dog as small trickles of sunlight streamed down on him from the slightly ajar manhole cover. So far he has been waiting for Wolfgang to pry open the cover for a whole ten minutes, and this part part of the sewers was particularly ripe to begin with, not to mention he was up to his knees in sewer waste. Needless to say he was not a happy camper.

"Hey, if you think you can do better, why don't you try!" That was it. He had enough of Wolfgang today. All he really did was sit on his ass and stuff his fat face and big mouth anyway. It was time to give him another reason to lay down.

Carful not to touch the blade of his signature machete, he reached for todays arsenal, which consisted of some sort of rifle, although he couldn't place which model just by feeling it, and there was no significant light source in the surrounding sewers. Once he managed to get a good grip on it, and get into the proper firing stance, he blindly fired up through the sewer exit right at Wolfgang. The flare of the gun muzzle and screams filled the air.

A split second later, nothing. he was surrounded by people, but everyone knew better than to talk and break the silence the shrouded them. Instead, one of the grunts opted to climb up and pry what was left of Wolfgang off the makeshift ladder. His body landed face down in the water with a satisfying splash, and The last of wolfgang floated away from the group leaving a trail of crimson red blood leading to an unknown location.

Ok, so maybe Madd Dog didn't mean to kill him. He was trying to wing it, shoot him in the foot or something. Not that it was a big deal. Everybody knew Wolfgang was a slacker, and he was getting a little to comfortable in his position as a luiteniant. Madd Dog was always looking for discreet way to bump him. It doesn't exactly encourage replacements when the last guy was killed for not doing a good enough job, even though when someone with a good spot in the gang went down, there were always ten more skilled guys lined up to replace them. Besides, as long as he was wearing the crown around here, nothing could go wrong.

His thoughts were interrupted when another random climbed up the ladder and managed to jack open the entryway together. Sunlight poured in and blinded everyone with its awesome glare. One by one, members poured out into the sunlight and afternoon breeze. Almost everyone else sped off into random districts of the city, to gather supplies, patrol Diamond dog territory, Ect., Ect. But not Madd Dog and his right hand man, bill. Without a word, they hopped on their bikes in a secret stash nearby and headed out.


"So, where we headed?" Bill questioned, as Madd Dog had stopped to assess where they were in the city and check his compass.

"You know those bodys piled up in the back of the freezer?" Mcgee chimed randomly, with a almost forlorn tone.

"Um, yea, what about them?" Bill responded confused by the randomness of the statement. He had conversations with magee that went like this before, but they always took him by surprise.

"You'll see..." Madd Dog retorted with a almost school-girl giggle of excitement. Bill knew has heard this before. It was always followed by one of Madd Dogs wild plans he didn't like it one bit.

Just as Bill was going to question him further, screams of pain echoed around them.

"Ah, maystin..." He cooed, wiping a tear of joy from his eye, before turning to bill and saying "lets go.".

And with that, they raced toward the disturbance.