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Snippet #2065937

located in F.S.S. Salient, a part of Nebula's Dawn: F.S.S. Salient, one of the many universes on RPG.

F.S.S. Salient

The last Neptune Class Battlecruiser commissioned by the Federation. Welcome on board.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Aronimus Weston Character Portrait: Clyde Summer
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Clyde - Corridors

It had been some time since the space skirmish had ended- Clyde had outlived his usefulness on the bridge. He sat and watched for a while, but he was nearly as useless as his "co-navigator". He left silently, and nobody paid any mind. He figured he would go grab a bite to eat at the nearest mess hall. While he ate, he cleared some disk space in his mind and looked through the footage he had recorded from all over the ship since his initial entry into the system. He sorted through it all, outwardly looking focused on his meal. Pilot banter, insignificant comments, Hyena's party (He would be attending. Something to do.), comm links from the battle coming in live, the rampaging around the system caused by the anomaly AI.

He dug into the origins of Max as best he could. Unfortunately, according to all of his file descriptions and records he left behind, Max created itself on the system. It made no sense, but Clyde was fairly sure he was working with one of the most powerful computer networks in the known universe. Who knows what it's capable of.

Clyde remembered that he had also picked up a message from Admiral Fontaine a while back. He read its contents.
It held particular interest to Clyde. He would keep that to himself though- The Admiral would announce the mission on his own time.

New people. Prisoners on a frigate. Hostiles being blown apart by Bravo team (he was plugged into the suits, receiving all the information Commander Dunaway was). Unregistered passengers on the Salient. Ahh yes. Callsign Ronin... and...

Wait. Who the hell was that?

Clyde followed the unregistered passenger backwards through the logs to her arrival on the Salient. A stowaway. He returned his tray and walked out into the hallways, headed towards where the stowaway was now. He was still sifting through the logs in closer detail, looking for spoken words.

Taking her device out her pocket, she transmitted new message.

"Crew unprepared for counter attack, planning party. Everyone will be there. I suggest we strike now."

Pausing she waited for a response.

A crackle rang out and she heard, "Good job Rich Girl, we're in orbit behind the planet, tell us when to strike."

Replying she issued, "Roger."

Clyde froze in his tracks- the blood drained from his face. No way. There's no way the entire thing could have been a setup to destroy the Salient. They were just pirates. Right? No... Just pirates wouldn't have gotten a stowaway on board like that. What was he going to to with the spy? How was he going to save the ship? It was in his hands, and he needed to do something. In the time it took him to steady himself, he had run through all his thoughts of panic and composed a message and sent it directly to the Admiral's neural implant - graded with as many red flags as he could hack into the system. He didn't want to use something people could hear- they would panic.

"Admiral. I hope you greet this with the urgency I've labeled it.

Read into the details later- for now you must know that the Salient is in terrible danger. Not just the boarding crews- everyone.
The enemy lies in wait behind the nearest planet, and they're going to attack while the majority of the crew is engaged in illicit partying below decks, drunk out of their skulls on victory and bootleg alcohol.

Awaiting your orders."

After this, Clyde attached the details. A series of logs including the planning of Hyena's party, the transmission from the pirates, and the footage of the spy boarding the Salient. If only Clyde hadn't fallen behind in his observations while trying to maintain a human facade. The stowaway wouldn't have taken more than three steps before being gunned down by some autoturret on his watch. But now was a time for quiet and deliberation. The attack would not come until the party began. The spy would be there... contrary to her reports, the Salient would be ready.