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located in Jacob Wheilam Institute for Wayward Girls, a part of Jacob Wilhelm Institute for Wayward Youth, one of the many universes on RPG.

Jacob Wheilam Institute for Wayward Girls



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Red was in and out of consciousness when she heard someone say "Red!" she was still humming a song as she came more to it "Red, its Wendy". Red opened her eyes as she heard her old roommate call out to her. "They didn't call me Red....they didn't calle me Red! Wendy....they didn't call me Red" she tried to sit up but it was hard with the straight jacket. She looked around the room and then heard Wendy again "I saw Peter....He's here"..."If Peter's here....the wolf...he is here Wendy...I saw him, he was here....he wants to kill me" she yelled tears flowing down her eyes. "Wendy th...they have me in the the jacket....I wont be able to get away....Wendy im going to die...why me" she started shaking then heard the doctors come down opening the other room next to her. "Please! Please! Someone! Just listen!" Red knew who the voice was, it was Cinder, one of the other girls she did like.

A nurse then opened her door and removed the straight jacket, she looked to the nurse and grabbed the nurses wrist "please don't leave me in here" the nurse pulled her arm away "Now Scarlet you know you..."Red's eyes went darker and she was struggling to get up "ITS RED!!" she then went to grab the nurse but the nurse quickly snuck out the door. Red grumbled and moved to a corner "I hear you Cinder....I will listen" she said out loud but as she turned her head she saw a hallucination of the wolf walking towards her. Red let out a piercing scream "HELLLP! HES GOING TO EAT ME" she screamed she started clawing at her wrists and trying to back as much as she could into the wall. The doctors mostly ignored her when she was like this until she calmed down then they would bandage her now bloody wrists. Red screamed out to wendy "wendy its going to get me!"