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Aria Windfoot

Aria had been having her own bit of trouble throughout the scuffle – She didn’t have much skill in close quarters combat unless her opponent was unaware of her prescence until it was too late, by then she had slit their throats. She had been ducking, dodging, and rolling around the Forsworn, attempting to avoid their attacks. Her agility and flexibility made that highly possible, though of course she did not go without a few cuts and scrapes here and there. Still, she managed to drive her own blade into a few heads and hearts. Her friends seemed to be managing well enough – Save for Sinderion who was having trouble with an axe-wiedling Forsworn. He called out for her help just as Adrienne’s spell hit her body and filled her with vigor. Her eyes seemed to blaze as she quickly drew her bow and a single arrow. It was only half a moment that she took to nock and arrow and let it fly past everyone, driving it straight through the creature’s temple. It made a guttural noise before falling over, dead at Sinder’s feet. “Didn’t mean to be so useless.” She mumbled as she kicked lightly at the Forsworn’s ribs even though it was already dead.