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Snippet #2073807

located in F.S.S. Salient, a part of Nebula's Dawn: F.S.S. Salient, one of the many universes on RPG.

F.S.S. Salient

The last Neptune Class Battlecruiser commissioned by the Federation. Welcome on board.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Aronimus Weston Character Portrait: Atomsk Dunaway
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“Sir, should we activate the klaxons?” Napier inquired in a neutral tone. The Admiral was about to answer, but he stopped in the midst of it. The klaxons would not only alert the crew, but the infiltrator as well. Here was a moment for a tactical maneuver, one that revolved around intelligence and deception.

“No.” the lieutenant was surprised at the Admiral’s terse response. Aronimus preferred that the crew received word directly by mouth. Seeing as how the saboteur won’t be in touch with the crew where she was hidden, “That won’t be necessary Lieutenant; our stowaway will be alerted of our knowledge,”

The JG nodded and returned to his panel. Aronimus remembered that the two Marine fire teams were still on board the hostile frigates, acquiring whatever useful data was available on board the priates’ data networks. Interested in their status, the Admiral got in touch with Commander Dunaway.

“Commander, what is the status of our forces on board the two frigates?”

“Well, Admiral, one frigate has an explosive device activated, and the team is trying to get off of the ship. The other team has yet to report back with anything, I’m not sure if their communications are down, but we’ve been trying to reach them for the past half hour,” Atomsk paused and awaited the Admiral’s reply.

“An explosive device? Of what magnitude?” The Admiral’s eyebrows furrowed, his blue eyes turned to ice.

“From the video feeds that the team saw, it was a manufactured device, not an IED.” Atomsk paused. “They have reason to believe that it’s placed near the drive core. If that’s the case, then the explosion will trigger a larger reaction, and the blast radius may be larger than expected. I’ve already given word to the two Altamus vessels to clear the proximity.”

“Keep working on establishing a line with the other team, I received intel that a fleet of pirate ships will be attacking our position,” the Admiral paused, raising a pair of fingers to dab his temple.

“A…fleet?” Atomsk’s voice stayed composed on the line.

“Yes Commander, directed by Silver Eyes…you should get word to the teams immediately, keep me posted.”

“I understand, sir. Dunaway out.” The channel went offline as the Admiral pressed the haptic adaptive interface appearing above his arm rest.



“Commander, I think you need to look at this,” one of the ship technicians sitting near a holographic screen called for Commander Dunaway. He promptly turned away from the tactical war screen at the very center of the war room at the request of the technician.

“This was a video feed from one of the corridors in the aft section of the ship, near the mini generators.”

As he approached, the technicians punched in several keys on the holographic projection, which activated a smaller screen to enlarge. It was a video feed of one of the indiscriminant corridors of the Salient, the screen displayed a patrol consisting of two Marines and three other ship personnel. Gunfire spurted through the speakers as it did on the screen from a hidden corner on the screen.

Two of the personnel were immediately killed, slumping to the ground lifelessly. Atomsk’s eyebrows creased at the sight, as another retreating Marine was shot in the back and was seemingly dead. The two remaining Federation crew members retreated from the scene. Atomsk didn’t wait until the feed was done to leave the War room and head to the armory directly across the hall.

As he passed by the sentries guarding the armory and the barracks, he pointed to all of them and waved his hand as a signal to follow. "Your four are on me."

After grabbing a pair of stun pistols from the armory and holstering them, Atomsk led his four man team down the hollow corridors of the rear end of the ship. The commander's armor was a light ballistic suit with small pauldrons and LED light strips running down his underarm and the outside of his legs like most armor. It was capable of deflecting most small arms fire.

He tapped the communication unit nestled on his left ear. “This is the Commander speaking, relay me the exact location where the previous video feed was captured,” he said to the war room personnel.

“Copy that sir, relaying now.” The location revealed itself in the rear of an aqua colored pixel projection of the Salient, directly displayed from Atomsk's ear projector. The marked location was directly near the sub-generator rooms.

“Alright, we’re gonna’ catch that bitch. Then we’ll make her talk,” Atomsk drew his first stun pistol and led the way.