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Snippet #2076548

located in College Building 34 (aka The Freedom House), a part of Freedom Has a Stiff Price..., one of the many universes on RPG.

College Building 34 (aka The Freedom House)

College Building 34, the Freedom House


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Jack calmly walks over to Sean, and backhands him on the cheek, sending Sean tumbling to the floor. "How many times do I have to tell you Sean, keep a lid on your temper." He says, anger in his eyes. "Forgive him Sam, his temper gets the better of him sometimes." He says, glaring back at Sean.

"Ah, here comes our backup." Jack says, looking out the window as 3 more SUV's pull up next to the first, and 10 more Armed teens hopped out, 4 of them with a Red Cross on their arms and helmet, identifying them as Medics. "Captain, Sgt. Issac reporting for duty with Delta and Echo Squadrons." One of the new soldiers said, saluting Jack. Jack returns the salute "Sgt, this is Sam, CS survivor. He thinks there's a safehouse where we could find more survivors and supplies. Keep on alert, we have encountered Army Rangers in this AO." Jack says as he briefs the Sergeant. "Now Sam, lead the way. If we can, we could use the SUV's in order to get around safely."