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located in Nomimono, a part of Beverage Wars, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Ryokucha Kotone Character Portrait: Koucha Ishikawa Character Portrait: Kiyoshi Kohaku
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кιуσѕнι кσнαкυ~ "Kiyoshi!"
Kohaku picked up his head and quickly searched around for the familiar sight of his best friend, the beads on th side of his head dangling and clacking against each other with movement. Koucha? he thought, eyes darting untill he located him and gave a quick wave, beginning to get up from his chair before a light tapping on his shoulder encouraged him todrop back into his seat again.

He turned his head with raised brows to spot Kotone, giving a kind smile towards him. "Hey, you seem a bit nervous, do you want to chat?" she asked.

"Oh, uh," Haku hesitated a moment, glancing back over at Koucha almost as if he needed recognition, and back at Kotone. "Well, I..." His gaze circled back to Koucha a moment as his bit his lip. Well, Koucha seemed to be having a conversation of his own with one of the alchohols. Even if he did gesture Haku over, perhaps barging into his conversation wouldn't be the most polite course of action.

"Koucha," He called over. Once he was sure he had Koucha's attention, he continued. "I'll catch up in a second!"

After another moment he turned back, giving a sweet smile to Kotone. "Sorry about that, but sure, we can chat." He made a small motion, face tilted downward slightly in a shy postition, to brush a strand of hair behind his ear, though it quickly fell back into place. "I sort of can't help but be kind of nervous, y'know? I've never been really good at... Well, I've never really delt well with crowds and such. Its hard not to be on edge today, after all."

Haku gave a light shrug, leaning back and chipping at his brother's freshly fixed polish job on his middle finger of the left hand. Chipping at his nail polish, he knew, as a nasty habit that wasn't good for his nails in the least, but he couldn't help himself. Even around someone like Kotone, who he was at least somewhat familiar with, he was having the slightest bit of anxiety still. Probably just aftershock still hitting him straight in the middle of the most shy part of his personality, but he kind of hoped that the anxiety would get the hell out of his body. This was simply making him look even more pathetic than he figured that he already looked - despite the fact that he indeed looked plenty poised, only jus increadibly shy - and was in no modd to make it worse. At least the day was almost over, of course. A little sting plucking and sleep would take the edge off enough to function at a remotely normal level by the next day, seeing as the events for the next day weren't quite as public as the others, but after a day like today, who could say?

"What about you, Kotone-san?" He asked as a follow-up, picking up his downward gaze and cocking his head cutely to one side. "You seem to be handling it pretty well." He suddenly furrowed his brows and bt his lip for a moment. "I'm actually kind of jealous; you seemed so confident and bold..... Be honest, was I the only one who was just sh*tting a brick up there?" He sighed, recalling the event and trying to think of any reason that his little display hadn't been completely terrible. "Figuritivly speaking, of course..." He added with useless explaination, speaking slightly softly and letting his sentance trail off. Hopefully Kotone could reassure him slightly that he hadn't looked like a complete idiot in front of all those people, but he didn't completely disregard the possibility of her confirming what he'd assumed.

[ahhh, kinda short for my standards, but its sort of late now and.... bluhbluhexcusesbluhbluhbluh]