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located in Nomimono, a part of Beverage Wars, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Ryokucha Kotone Character Portrait: Koucha Ishikawa Character Portrait: Kiyoshi Kohaku Character Portrait: Shinko Misuto
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Kotone Ryokucha

"Oh uh," Kohaku quickly glanced at Koucha, then back at Kotone herself, making her realize that she had just barged in abruptly. The fellow Tea looked back over to Koucha and then bit his lip, while Koto silently squished her rabbit plush in embarrassment. "Well, I..." he trailed off, then proceeded on shouting something to Koucha, and turned back around to her.

"Why didn't I realize that he was already getting ready to leave before?! I'm so rude and stupid..!" she muttered under her breath as Kohaku replied to Koucha. The boy turned around and smiled sweetly, and in an instant, all of Kotone's stresses were wiped away in a refreshing swipe. She sighed in relief and placed her hands on her lap, making sure that her daggers weren't visible.

"Sorry about that, but sure, we can chat." He then looked downwards shyly, pushing a lock of hair back, only to have it fall back. How cute- I mean, he must be kinda nervous! I am too, especially since from now on, after this party, there will be cameras everywhere, on field or not.

"I sort of can't help but be kind of nervous, y'know? I've never been really good at... Well, I've never really delt well with crowds and such. Its hard not to be on edge today, after all." he began to pick at his nail polish, something that Kotone would also do, a lot, so no one would bother to paint her nails, besides her sister. She smiled and then began swinging her feet a little, relaxing a bit.

"I know how you feel, especially since the Tea group is expected to be perfect and elegant, but in reality, aren't we all just normal people?" she looked up at the chandeliers, admiring the stained glass shards that hung from them decoratively.

"What about you, Kotone-san?" he looked up, tilting his head to the side cutely before continuing. "You seem to be handling it pretty well." He crinkled his brows together and bit his lip once again; it seemed like a habit, probably. She blinked and turned a barely visible tint of pink.

"M-Me? Umm.." she stuttered, widening her large, clear, caramel-colored eyes. He continued on, "I'm actually kind of jealous; you seemed so confident and bold..... Be honest, was I the only one who was just sh*tting a brick up there?" Kotone stared at him, and tried to remember what she impulsively did back in the stadium. "Figuritivly speaking, of course..." he softly trailed off, seeming a bit worried. She slightly looked away, letting her loosened rust-colored curls fall like a slightly translucent curtain around her face, pink from compliments she had not genuinely heard in ages.

"No you weren't! I was just doing that thing that everyone does, imagine the audience were just all cats! B-Because cats are fluffy and cute- I mean! Because cats are really quiet and they don't judge you, correct? Because either way, they will still love you! But anyways, I'm pretty sure some of the others were turning into yokan the moment the lights hit their group!" she turned back at him and smiled brightly, still keeping her inner real self in check. She pulled a lock of hair behind her ear and looked around before leaning slightly towards Kohaku.

"To be honest, you did a lot better than me, I bet later I'm going to get in a lot of trouble, especially since I refused to wear the original dress, shoved my driver out, and I'm probably gonna cause some trouble later.." she stifled a laugh, and stood up while thinking of how hilarious it will be, the whole party in havoc just because the most famous idol got on a drunken rampage. And how exactly would Kotone know that? Because she happened to stumble across a drunken C.C. Lemon-Tan shoving booze in everyone's mouths. She slipped her hand behind her leg secretively and held her other hand up to revert attention away from the other. She pointed at the chandeliers, colorful glass shards glittering in the lighting.

"But like these chandeliers, even though they are made of imperfection, they can still shine and be beautiful, aren't we all?" she took that moment to swipe a sweet milk candy from her left utility belt. She placed the candy, wrapped in a pure white wrapper with cerulean blue Japanese kana printed on the thin plastic, in his hand that he was chipping nail polish from before.

"Sweets always can cheer someone up, even me! Now you can go ahead to meet up with Koucha, sorry for interrupting." she lightly bowed before walking over to the drink table, where C.C. Lemon-Tan was drinking out of a pretty glass, with of course, her own drink. Koto deviously walked to the idol and smiled.

"Oh, your drink is almost out, I'll go refill it for you." she took the glass before the idol could respond, and hurried over behind the large drink dispensers. She grabbed a bottle with clear liquor and poured in about 3-4 shots of the alcohol, and then quickly stowed it away. The smell was strong, but letting it mix with the lemony drink can at least hide most of the smell. Kotone returned with the spiked drink, and placed it on the table behind.

"Here you go, sorry for being so rude earlier." she smiled elegantly, and shuffled over to the food, smelling delicious and tempting. She quietly took a plate and placed all the Western food she could get, steaks, ribs, pot roast, all were fresh and tender. She noticed a silver-haired girl, in an outfit which one could easily tell who she was if they were forced to memorize all the participating drinks.

"Shinko Misuto, correct?" she asked the girl, who was just interacting with the Crannberry Juice, Takashi Kuran. Kotone felt the eyes of her family's elders on her, adjusted her posture, and elegantly, in one movement, swiped a plump grape, eating it's sweet, yet slightly tart berry goodness.

"It's nice to meet you, Miss Sierra Mist." she held out a white grape to the girl, smiling in hopes of getting her elders off her neck.