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Snippet #2091319

located in F.S.S. Salient, a part of Nebula's Dawn: F.S.S. Salient, one of the many universes on RPG.

F.S.S. Salient

The last Neptune Class Battlecruiser commissioned by the Federation. Welcome on board.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Aronimus Weston Character Portrait: A.D.A.M
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The armada of brigands was now in full view before the plexi glass viewports of the Salient’s bridge. Although most of the crew was at their stations, each person stole a mere glimpse at the storm that would come upon them. By the conduct of war, an outnumbered force should be given the option of surrender. Despite the fact that Silver Eyes was a former Federation Admiral, he was a pirate now, and whether or not he chose to abide by those laws did not matter for he wasn’t a lawful combatant under the articles of war.

Silver Eyes wouldn’t have asked the Salient to surrender, and its executive officer, Aronimus, wouldn’t have surrendered. The fleet eyed the single Federation ship with impunity, before the lighter craft increased their traveling speeds. They began to swoop in bunches towards the Salient, all the while their larger brethren began to converge upon the single ship.

Aronimus stood by the railings that separated the Captain’s platform, which was slightly elevated before the rest of the bridge, standing out prominently. It allowed ship Captains to direct and oversee personnel from that perched position. His posture, remained ramrod erect, unflinching, and void of fear.

Aronimus rotated his head to face his desk, as A.D.A.M. remained present on the holographic projector. The A.I. itself was observing the fleet, all the while running multitudes of calculations inside the ship’s datastream.

“Adam,” the Admiral said.

“Prepare the ion blasters,” Aronimus curved his view back to the squadrons of fighter ships coming in bound.

He decided to let A.D.A.M. handle the point-defense systems rather than let the Salient’s own fighter complement go toe to toe against the more numerous enemy. The blasters were sheathed behind metallic plating that slid apart to reveal the many little cannons. These armaments could wipe out most of the incoming fighters with A.D.A.M. guiding their trajectories, he would not waste a drop of the ship's energy. This would allow the Admiral to utilize his fighter pilots at peak efficiency when the right moment came to send his wings out to hammer the enemy.

And so they came. The pirate fighters began to glide seamlessly, despite their ragged look compared to the sleeker and newer Federation fighters. Twin blasters from beneath their wings jetted little beams of energy at the Salient’s outer plating.

Aronimus decided to hold off on firing the ion cannons until the bulk of the fighters began to swirl around the Salient. They weaved in and out beneath and above the Salient, attacking whatever they could to damage the ship. They did not realize that the neo-steel plating of the Salient accepted these hits with ease. No damage was shown where damage was done.

Inside the bridge, and perhaps the rest of the ship, the crew did not feel a thing. They only heard little echoes pervading the thick plating every now and then. The bridge crew knew it was the pirate fighters; the majority of the ship did not however. Perhaps a few engineers and technicians working in the hangars saw the pirates swoop past the particle fielding that blocked out vacuum, or a few crew members were at the observation decks staring at the stars, only to have their view cut in half by a gliding ship.