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Snippet #2100770

located in Nomimono, a part of Beverage Wars, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Ryokucha Kotone Character Portrait: Takara Chardonnay Character Portrait: Shinko Misuto Character Portrait: Takashi Kuran
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Kotone Ryokucha

Shinko took the grape and devoured it happily, grinning as she ate. Kotone felt the corners of her mouth raise since normally, someone would be extremely shy to take something from her, like when a child's ball rolled over to her, she picked it up and held it out towards the young Tea to return it, only to have the child look at her in fear, bow down, take the ball carefully, and run off.

“Hai! Arigatou gosaimasu.” the Soda smiled, and then continued. “And you’re Kotone Ryokucha, yes? You’re the one who basically flipped her elders off—indirectly of course.”

Kotone blinked, and then grinned unconsciously.

"Why yes, I am. And doing that was with great pleasure, of course. Doesn't everyone have someone always looming over them with expectations?" she plucked an orange slice from the table, taking a small bite out of it- her attendant was especially strict about eating. Don't eat things with your mouth wide open! Take small bites with as little sound as possible! Koto recalled the woman smacking her in the head, possibly choking her every time she didn't take a small bite. Kotone bit her tongue to prevent her expression from twisting, the orange was surprisingly sour, and if there's one thing Kotone hated about fruits, it's when they aren't sweet enough for her taste. She quickly tossed the orange into the trash can at the end of the table as Shinko chuckled, saying something that pleasantly complimented Koto, but of course, the elders would be in a fit if they heard it.

“You’ve got more balls than half the men I’ve encountered.”

"Oh really? You must've met some very wimpy men, either that, or I must be a man myself." Kotone jokingly pulled the top of her dress, checking her chest. "Nope, I'm pretty sure I'm a girl." She then noticed a waiter walking by with a tray of drinks, and then took two apple martinis from the silver tray, handing one to the Soda.

"You're not a lightweight, correct?" she said before taking a sip of the crisp-smelling alcohol. She stared at the drink, and then suddenly was reminded of the party-crazy Alcohol, Champagne, a.k.a. Takara Chardonnay. She took out her iPhone, adorned in a bunny case, and then looked up at Shinko.

"Excuse me, I need to make a call.. Sorry." Kotone quickly shuffled over to the small little hall where the bathrooms were, and sat down on the wooden bench in front of the doors, resting her arm on the arm of the bench. She scrolled through the contact list, finding the Alcohol's name, and then continuing with sending an iMessage to her, hopefully she has bars at her location. Koto typed a short message to the Alcohol, saying: Miss Chardonnay, I've noticed that you have yet to arrive. Would you like me to wait outside for your arrival? Kotone looked over the message, and then pressed send. She slipped the phone back into her scarf, which had a small compartment for her phone. Suddenly, a drunken C.C. Lemon-tan appeared, wobbling and staggering out of the restroom.

"Oh~ Hiiii theree Kotshoo-shannn~" she was slurring, obviously a lot, and then plopped down next to the Tea. Oh good, what shall I do for part two of Getting C.C. Lemon drunk? Kotone grinned while looking away, and then turned towards the idol, now with a worried expression.

"Ah, C.C. Lemon-san, I think someone's waiting for you outside at the front entrance, you should go see them." Kotone grinned as the idol shouted something in gibberish, and then wobbly dashed to the front entrance, where paparazzi waited. The Tea giggled to herself, and then leaned back on the bench, getting out her iPhone once again and began playing Ovenbreak.

She heard a strong sigh from the men's restroom along with running water, slightly curious at first, but then continued with playing her game. I wonder who's in there..? Oh well, I'll find out once they leave.