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located in The town of Rollen, a part of When You Wish Upon a Star, one of the many universes on RPG.

The town of Rollen



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Bryce felt around in his bag for a moment, trying to make sure certain things hadn't been broken when he fell against the locker. After realizing they were fine, he offered everyone one of his relaxed, chill smiles. As Paige dismissed herself and reassured them that she wasn't going to be mugged, he sighed and shook his head, having half a mind to follow her. However, never having lost that tranquil look on his face, he waved by and called after her a brief 'Catch ya laters!'

"Hey," he started, one of his hands slipping into his pockets as she shifted his weight from one foot to he other. "I'm gonna head out to. I got a laptop to build sitting around at my place, not to mention lots of... you know." he chuckled, making a smoking gesture. "Take it easy, guys." he said, walking down the hall and waving over his shoulder. He was quick to leave the school, wanting to get home and finish up his built-from-scratch laptop. He could imagine it now, every detail. The phantom feeling of wires and circuit boards against his fingertips, the scent of oil and metal mixed with the odor of the pot lying about his room. He'd connect the wires to the main board before attaching the socket to the battery. He felt a high just thinking about it.

"Hey," Blinking, Bryce turned. "You gonna stand there all day and stare or what?" There saw Spencer. Right - He was gonna meet him halfway. "You thinkin' 'bout girls or something? You had that kind of pervy look to ya." Spencer chuckled, throwing his arm around Bryce's shoulders. The genius laughed and shook his head.

"Nope," he replied, catching the scent of some Razzle Dazzle on Spencer's jacket. He and Spencer were both pretty intense and hit the the weed hard, and most people knew it. The teacher didn't do much about it, both keeping up with their studies - Bryce obviously doing more than expected of any student. Secretly, some believed it helped even, even if it made little to no sense - But it could be possible, seeing as no one remembered what sober Bryce was like after so many years. Spencer punched Bryce in the shoulder, making the genius grin.

"You don't mean your electrical genius making shit stuff, do ya?" Spencer gaped, seemingly incredulous. Bryce shrugged, nodding a bit. "Shit dude, you know this is why you never meet chicks."

"I don't really chill with lotsa girls. If you haven't noticed, i'm the stoner kid at school now. Besides, i'd scan my papers and upload them to facebook if i wanted people to copy off me, man." Spencer rolled his eyes at Bryce. Bryce knew that Spencer simply assumed he hated people copying his work and just didn't seem interested in other people, but it was almost the opposite. Bryce didn't like being used, not a bit. He perhaps would on occasion, but didn't enjoy it. As for not being interested in other people, working with machinery usually kept his mind off of how lonesome he was half the time. "Welp, there it is."

Bryce looked up, noting that the Satellite dish was misangled and clearly not functioning, part of an exposed wire popping out of the dish itself. "Dude, how'd ya manage that?" Bryce laughed, almost as if he found it more interesting and amusing than irritating.

"Dude, i was way up there after some R'n'D, i don't even know."

"That's crazy, man." Bryce chuckled softly, raising his hand to high five Spencer. "I just hope you didn't cash it all, Spence."