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Snippet #2105111

located in The Kingdom of Atlantis, a part of Several Thousand Years to Love, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Kingdom of Atlantis

The Kingdom of Ocean and Pirates.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Talia Onocino Character Portrait: Prince Zale
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Zale thought that if the young lady knew where he stood, his position, what he was, then things would settle down, but it went completely the opposite. Surely the language he used and the fact the chair looked like a throne would tell her that he was in a position of high authority, not to mention referring to "his people". Instead she didn't say a word and didn't calm down as she screamed, the high-pitched scream going right through him and the walls, to the city beyond. He lifted his right hand and hid his eyes behind it. Despite trying to calm her down, he ended up making it worse, since a scream was a sign that she was afraid, and it would be those outside who would think it had to do with him since he was the only one in there. As expected, one of the fishfolk outside entered to see if everything was alright. Fishfolk looked like humans, except that they had gills so that they could breathe underwater and become accustomed to life in the sea. He wasn't too sure how they turned out in such a way, but he did know there was a weed that could be eaten to give gills temporarily, which fade away when not near the sea, and once they do, they do not return. Turning to the fiskfolk, he then spoke, raising the tone a little so he could be heard over the scream, "I shall retire momentarily. For now, be on alert for those pirates. Make sure they don't come near", as the fishfolk bowed and then left.

Now what was left to do was deal with the screaming human, as he sighed, moving his left hand to the side of his water chair, and lifting his thumb, middle finger and little finger at an angle, as water lifted into the air through his thumb and fingers, springing up from the arm of the chair, and landed one part on her forehead, seeing as when you scream, you cringle and your forehead goes red, and the two other streams landed on each side of her cheek, since they also tend to go red. Simply cooling her off, before his hand pulled away from the chair's arm, and he moved himself with the chair to her side, raising his hand as the water then pulled off her face and returned to his hand. If he wished to harm her or scare her, he would of done so already. He touched the side of her face gently with the back of his hand, before addressing her, seeing as things weren't going so well, "Now, if you are quite finished, I shall introduce myself. I am Zale, and this, is Atlantis. I know not from where you come from, but I shall not pry. What I will tell you, is that your screaming must of alerted our resident pirates who live here on the surface, and like all races, there are those who conform, and there are those who rebel", as he pulled back his hand. If his mere presence startled her, what more harm would it do, to tell her he was a Prince aswell. Probably a little too much information when she needed to rest.

As far as prying was concerned, it was totally the opposite, since he found the young lady interesting and did wish to find out more, since she didn't look like other humans he had seen. Then again, he hadn't spent a great deal of time round them since he had been following his father and learning what it taked to rule the Kingdom as he continued to grow older. It was one thing to say he was a Prince, but the fact he was next in line was a bit overwhelming. Infact, it was overwhelming, even to him, but so was the beauty of Atlantis. It was why he and his father strove to keep Atlantis peaceful like the waves that enveloped them, and why he sought to make sure that her screaming would not disturb the peace. "I shall take my leave of you and allow you to rest. You will be safe here, and should you seek me, simply ask one of the fishfolk or come to the waters' edge and call for me", as he then turned to leave. He'd only stay if requested, but even if he left now, he would surely be back and keep an eye on her, especially if any trouble erupts with any rebel pirates who wish to add humans to their stock.