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Snippet #2106368

located in Korratoth, a part of Thorns Within the Rose, one of the many universes on RPG.


The dark kingdom newly invaded by the Lord.


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Character Portrait: Alain Rolands Character Portrait: Selphie Almsgrave Character Portrait: Leon Graves
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Alain, as he walked, heaved a sigh, thinking. Was a job here even worth it? He didn't know. He supposed he would head to the parapets of the castle, clear his head a little, maybe. In his preoccupied state, he didn't even notice the knight in full body armor until he tipped her arm, "Sorry." He muttered without looking back.

The knight just gave him an annoyed look, but currently, a vagrant wandering the halls (though she had heard of a man fitting that description from some of the servants, who seemed to love to gossip until they noticed her, at which point they hurriedly attempted to make themselves look busy) was not high on her priority list. Though a funny thought struck her. So, that was the heir's new pet. She ignored the man, though made note to eviscerate him should he do something like that again if for nothing more than not paying attention, but also to see if she could make that little girl pissy. No, for now she had bigger fish to fry, and an employer to meet with. Although truth be told, she wasn't entirely happy to call him such, since she was more used to just killing whatever the hell she wanted because she felt like it, not because some big asshole in a castle told her to, but hell, money was money, and it was always nice be able to do pretty much whatever you wanted in the name of 'the crown' which pretty much exempted you from getting in trouble. She pushed open the doors of the main throne chamber and stretched her arms, lazily strolling in to meet the man in charge, "You sent for little old me, my lord?" she asked with overwhelming false enthusiasm. No doubt he would have some trivial errand for her to run, or some little pest to kill. Maybe the man in the hallway? Maybe some of the servants? That would be fun, if not a little tedious, though she kind of hoped it was execution day. She made that up herself, but she hoped he would see eye to eye with her on that, at least. After all, who didn't enjoy a good scream of pain?