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located in Nomimono, a part of Beverage Wars, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Takara merely blinks as the brunette suddenly walked off, leaving her "alone". "I'll be leaving you two alone to get acquainted as well, see you later."
'You. Two?' Staring at her back, she cocked her head once more in wonder. 'What does she mean by two-' She hums but suddenly froze, remembering who exactly she was standing next too. Not daring to look, she flinched at his voice.'How can I forget!' "Pleasure to meet you, Takara-chan," Takara peered down, unsure on how to react, but was brought up quickly with the next question. "So I hear you throw a mean party?" He began to nudge her playfully, a grin plastered against his face.
Her eyes twinkled with mischievous. "Of course~ I "am" champagne~" She chirps with a matching grin. When the word party is mentioned, she can't help but feel happy. Parties are the things that let her bring it all out and just do anything she wanted. Let Loose. Besides she was naturally a party girl at birth. Knocking the thoughts aside, she leaned forward, eying Takashi. "But enough about me.." She paused and scanned his body. "I heard you were called the "Battery".. why is that..?" She blinks at the strange nickname, and eyed him even more.
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