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Snippet #2115565

located in Korratoth, a part of Thorns Within the Rose, one of the many universes on RPG.


The dark kingdom newly invaded by the Lord.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Alaizabel Character Portrait: Aethyra Character Portrait: Trifect Quaizon Character Portrait: Alain Rolands Character Portrait: Selphie Almsgrave Character Portrait: Leon Graves
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Trifect didn’t say another word as Alain left carrying the Heir on his back. He just shrugged, and picked his cane back up. Seems that Alain was in such a hurry, that he left it behind. What a shame. Trifect wasn’t really surprised when the doors shut and Alaizabel appeared. After all, he was used to her by now. “She’s made a blood pact with the servant girl. To be quite honest, I hoped they would have both died. Alas, my hope was in vain. However it is of no consequence, seeing as you are fully revived once again.” Trifect bowed before Alaizabel, out of respect for her now returned powers. “I was aware she had been touched by white magic, though to the extent I was not sure. As far as Alain is concerned, he is an above average theif. He is someone that could be useful for political measures, but my deal with him was one to protect my cover. I figured smiting the man where he stood, wouldn’t exactly leave me looking like the weak old man I’ve worked so hard to seem like all these years. To ruin a cover like that, over someone like him, it wouldn’t be wise. He wouldn’t necessarily be a bad ally to have, but he is human after all. It is your choice naturally. Now, if I may be so bold to ask, what is our next move?”

Leon had been in the throne room since he talked with Aethyra. Dealing with people that have questions and whatnot. It was a necessary part of the job, but one of the least glamorous portions. Aethyra was taking abnormally long to do the task she was given earlier. What was that girl up to this time? Sometimes he rather regretted allowing them to live among him. If he had his own heir, he likely wouldn’t have bothered. He was still under the thought that they could learn to rule the kingdom properly however. Could they really learn though? Only time would tell. As Selphie walked in Leon just looked at her, with an indifferent gaze. “I did send for you. I sent Aethyra on a little job this morning, to bring me a man from the dungeon that the old King saw fit to lock up. However, unsurprisingly she has yet to complete the task, and once more brings dishonor to her name. I wish for you, someone more competent, to complete the task. Bring the man to me, I care not to see my heir at this point. Do no permanent harm to them, and use force only as necessary. Understood? If so you may leave to it.”