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Snippet #2115697

located in Korratoth, a part of Thorns Within the Rose, one of the many universes on RPG.


The dark kingdom newly invaded by the Lord.


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Character Portrait: Alaizabel Character Portrait: Trifect Quaizon Character Portrait: Leon Graves
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Alaizabel raised an eyebrow at his words.
"I have to disagree Trifect, I have plans for both that involve them being alive... for now. But I must admit I am impressed; with the type of magic humans were using I would have guessed blood magic had been forgotton. I wonder if they even realise how powerful they have made their bond..." She looked at her hand, feeling her own blood pumping beneath the pale skin. "Strings of blood bind far longer than any emotion."
She stood up as he spoke about Alain, walking over to Trifect while she listened.
"Hmm, that was probably a smart move. I saw how the princess acted around you, clearly the trust placed in you by the royal family has weakened in her... you should be careful. But you won't need to be for much longer." Her eyes slid over to him. "My powers are now fully restored... it has reminded me of the taste of chaos. I want it back. So as to our next move... we're going to put on a show."
She gave a slight giggle, walking around Trifect slowly while she spoke.
"What I need you to do, my dear friend, is make sure nobody leaves. A spell, a shield, a creature... anything will do. But do not forget that there is magic within these walls, I want it so that only you or I can remove this barrier so that not so much as an insect could leave this place. Meanwhile, I think it's time I met this new ruler himself... if you spread trouble in every corner then there will be nowhere to run... and the princess will have nowhere to hide from me. I will be able to take the time and enjoy her suffering."
Alaizabel stopped behind Trifect, her eyes turning black for a moment.
"If you do this task well Trifect, you shall be rewarded. When this is over, my dear student, I will teach you the final secret to your magic. The one that will finally allow you to become one with the darkness, reaching the highest levels of power. However, should you fail me..." Without warning, Alaizabel suddenly thrust a hand into Trifect's back, her extended talons piercing the skin and digging into the spine. Not enough to kill or even wound, but enough to cause excrutiating agony. "I will be very disappointed in you. I have no use for those who disappoint me."
She held the hand there a moment longer before slowly withdrawing it, her magic healing any scars instantly. Then with a soft smile she raised that same hand to his cheek, turning him to face her.
"But I'm certain you will make me proud." She murmured gently, before turning and walking back towards the shadows. Her voice floated back to him, "And continue your work with Alain, human or not he is close to the princess... he could be useful in the future."
Then the demon dematerialised into the shadows, her senses turning to see out this lord who had taken the throne.