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located in Nomimono, a part of Beverage Wars, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Koucha Ishikawa

Another shudder tore through the usually calm young man. He kept a cool face to keep his best friend from worrying about him. With a thin smile at said male, Koucha raised a hand to his head feeling his forehead, where the skin had the texture of cool marble. "I'm a little cold," he uttered out, "I'm gonna go get something to warm me up, I'll catch you later, Kiyo." With that, the violet haired Ishikawa escaped from the table and made a beeline to the beverage table where he found, with a small spark of gleefulness, the very girl who he left not too long ago.

Forming the teasing smile, that now seemed to be accustomed to appearing on his face, despite his current condition, he approached the petite form. When met with her rather flustered expression, he felt his smirk drop into a genuine smile. Even though what he said earlier was uttered out on impulse, rather uncharacteristically, he's starting to believe his subconscious wasn't entirely to blame.

"It seems we just can't stop meeting each other, Miss Nikola," he greeted rather teasingly, while grabbing and spinning a wine glass into the air and back into his awaiting hand. Searching through the bottles, his pale purple orbs landed on a particular bottle. Popping it open, he took a quick whiff of the substance inside before smiling to himself. Perfect...

Pouring himself a rather generous amount of the bottle into his wine glass. Throwing the drink back with massive gulps, he immediately welcomed the slight burn that scorched his throat. Alcohol wasn't used often to regain the warmth of a Tea member, but the urgency of the situation called for this. It wasn't as if Koucha was new to the drink, actually far from it, being one who spends most of his time with the elders, they restlessly encourage him to drink what they have to offer, which was almost always wine.

Turning his attention back to his little acquaintance, he poured himself another glass with a small almost goofy smile. That was when a small thought hit the heir, with the overactive drinking to the rather childish, impulsive speech a moment before he must've came off as rather foolish to the girl. His mouth curved upwards slightly, if the girl considered him less than what he truly was-the heir of the Ishikawa Clan-she was in for a difficult time in this very competition. The last man who dared to underestimate him ended up acting as a 'Welcome' mat for his family's small stronghold. Not to mention his liking to strategic games which increased his quick thinking and strategy making skills ten fold. Thought the more that he thought into the subject of having to fight the petite Alcohol member in front of him, the more firm shake, he gave the female a mischievous smirk, taking small sips from his glass that he spun playfully between his fingers. Without a second of hesitation, he lifted his hand and placed it onto the crown of her head, remembering the rather irritated response she expressed before when he did so. There was a little warm feeling he received when he teases her that he can't help but to do so again. "I meant what I said earlier, by the way," he mused, brushing a finger gently, yet purely unintended, across her cheek and watching carefully to gauge her reaction. "Oh, and your friend, Takara is here."