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Takashi Kuran

"Of course~ I "am" champagne~" His smirk further widened at the rather sly comment. There was a familiar glint of mischief in her eye that he has known himself to have during wild events. "But enough about me.." Her eyes examined him for a moment before continuing, "I heard you were called the "Battery".. why is that..?" The red head couldn't help but laugh at the mention of the nickname. Memories of his never-dying activeness at parties flashed through his mind, then when he showed up for school the next day, he's found he's been branded as the "Battery". "That's just a nickname my friends from school put on me after a party, not really sure why..." He shrugged nonchalantly before humming to himself in thought. Barely a second later, a distant, high pitched squeal hit his ears.

Turning his head at the direction of the noise, he saw the broad, towering figure of Koucha Ishikawa and the Alcohol, Nikola Zielkov. He quietly watched as the Ishikawa's hand was slapped away by the girl more than a foot shorter than him, her face seemingly flustered and furrowed with irritation. The red head's confusion further deepened as he watched the violet haired Tea simply laugh at the girl's reaction, before continuing to poke her forehead. It would've seemed as if he were bullying her, but Nikola's expression and the rather gentle prodding from Koucha, it appeared more as if he were trying to get a rise out of her rather than trying to hurt her. "Hey isn't that girl a part of the Alcohol group too?" It would've been easier if he simply said her name, but didn't want to appear as if he knew more than he truly did; this was still a competition.

[I know it's tiny (sorry), but I was at a loss about what else to write]