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Snippet #2119717

located in Throme, a part of Masks of the Soul, one of the many universes on RPG.


Throme - a city of urban wonders


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Character Portrait: Lucas Toland Character Portrait: Amara "Amy" Calen Character Portrait: Vera Chung
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Vera Chung | Throme

Images of shattered porcelain danced inside Vera’s mind eye. She actually really liked those cups in the first place, and also dreadfully missed having cups of tea during the meetings. There went her amazing plan - they were probably only little pieces by this time. Well, whatever, Lucas can buy them the next time because it was his fault. The student council president sighed before answering her question. “Yeah, I know it was her, and I didn’t block her,” Vera’s mind went blank as she tried to figure out how to connect these two pieces of information together. First, Liesel said she did, and then Lucas said he didn’t. “Well, technically it was me, but… I didn’t mean to! I was the… you what I’m talking about.” Oh! A spark of comprehension dawned on her. Lucas had been using his… Emperor’s mask during school and somehow hadn’t been caught. She rounded on him with her hands on her hips, but anyways, it really didn’t matter.

So, anyway, we need to get to the science labs, right?” The older boy smiled and took a few steps forward. “I think there’s heavy traffic around this time of day on Main Street and Parker Avenue, so a subway trip might actually be better…” Vera shot a grin at Amara - she knew that Lucas would’ve taken her side against the Valencia brat. And it was obvious why, too. Not only was the subway better all arond, but he must’ve also seen through the newb’s disguise and seen just how odd she really was. “uh, unless you’re say, uncomfortable with it, Amara. Is there some kind of reason you want to take the taxi? I mean it’s kind of a waste of money and all, too…

She knew that she could count on Lucas to realize her logic, and the lack of thinking on her part. Wasn’t it obvious from the beginning - everything pointed towards taking the subway. But Amara obviously wouldn’t understand anything anyways. The newb looked almost as though her life rested on being able to take the taxi. “How could you not see the logic here? It’s right in front of your face! Sure, money, time, but… the people!” … Well, it was obvious she was from Valencia here. People in Throme being threatening? Vera could’ve laughed had this conversation gone on longer than necessary. “Think of all that could go wrong!” ‘You mean like missing our stop because I fell asleep or that someone tries to sell you newspapers?’ Vera couldn’t stop that slightly catty thought, but refrained from saying anything.

Wow, she really was emotionally vested in this topic. Not that Vera wasn’t, but the newb looked… strange. “If you won’t… If you don’t… If… I…” Placing her head in her hands, the girl turned around her before doing some mockery of thinking. “I’m taking a taxi. I have the money,” Vera scoffed mentally, but gave no intention of her scorn on her face. “so come with me or not. Take the subway if you want; I’ll meet you there. Bye.

Blah, blah, blah. Vera really couldn’t care about what she had to say. Her tone didn’t make it any better - it sounded as though she was talking to a tree or something. The girl strode away and made an attempt to take the taxi, before Vera looked at Lucas with annoyance in her eyes. “Let her do whatever she wants. I’m going to take the subway.” She then shot Lucas a smile and a shrug. “I wonder what’s gotten into her. She’s been pushing taking the taxi for the last couple of minutes - it’s time that we could have used in a more productive manner.”

While Vera was quite upset that her voice sounded petulant, she turned and kept walking down the street with the assumption that Lucas would follow her. That much was a given - the subway was so much more important and helpful and great and… well, basically everything. That Valencia brat would have to deal with the consequences of her little fit. The subway station was just a few minutes away, and the black-haired girl merely stuck her hand in her pocket and felt the few argen that were rattling around there. Perfect. Just enough money to take the subway.