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Snippet #2123459

located in Korratoth, a part of Thorns Within the Rose, one of the many universes on RPG.


The dark kingdom newly invaded by the Lord.


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Character Portrait: Alain Rolands Character Portrait: Selphie Almsgrave Character Portrait: Leon Graves
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Selphie raised an eyebrow as some voice spoke to least, she thought it was a voice. Was it? Probably just a projection of her own devious thoughts, because,honestly, she'd pretty much been thinking the same thing already, the only problem was what could she really do about it? Leon was, for all intents and purposes, stronger than she was, he had proven that on the day of the invasion. She didn't know why she entertained these thoughts. Even so, perhaps one day the Lord would have a mysterious accident. The decrepit little mage with his pitiful light magic would whisper in the princess' ear, but the heir didn't like him, and there was no bad blood between herself and Aethyra. Obviously the Captain of the guard was more trustworthy than some old man who'd probably never seen real combat in his life, 'Oh, Mistress, how good it is to see you. I think we should invade such and such place.' A devious little smile came to her lips behind her helmet as she thought of the bloodbaths she could incite under order of 'the crown'. It was almost enough to make her bloodlust boil. Sure, the here and now was a nice gig, but it was boring, plain and simple. She knew they'd only been at under Leon's 'command' for what, a week or so? Almost a month, maybe? She didn't really care to keep track, she wanted more blood. If the heir would listen to her, they could conquer pretty much everything, just for the hell of it. Leon had his own plans, she knew that much, though usually when he talked about them, all she heard was 'mwa wah wa waaah'. The thought of Leon actually doing that almost made her snicker, but she held it back. Best not to piss the old man off just yet.


Alain, on the other hand, stayed entirely calm. That voice again...what was this? It surely wasn't in his own head, but to ask such a thing aloud would render any business deal this man had off the table. Even if you had to be just a little crazy to do this job, you usually weren't supposed to let it show to possible employers. And the message...he didn't really want to think of Aethyra or her little servant girl, mostly because it irritated him at the moment. He wanted to give the girl the benefit of the doubt; after all, her faculties weren't really in order at the time, and the little servant girl had rushed her off before she could really respond to his words...still, she hadn't really seemed to try to resist, and Aethyra was capable of stopping the girl from rushing her off, of that he had little doubt. In the end, he gave a mental shrug and pushed her from his thoughts. With any luck, they wouldn't meet again, and then it would all be a moot point. That servant girl, though...he hoped he saw her again. He wanted to teach the little pup a lesson in speaking in ways not befitting a girl of her situation, or of raising their hands in ways of violence to their betters. She probably hadn't even killed a fly before, she almost stank of innocence. He wasn't afraid to kill, or hurt...aside from Aethyra, who would miss the brat? For now, he wouldn't hurt her, but he would do just enough to put some fear in those baby eyes of hers.

His thoughts turned to Leon. 'Dragged him in here'...yes, there always was that, but it was for a job, wasn't it? It wasn't like he couldn't just say no and get the hell out of dodge if he didn't want to have anything to do with this insanity. It wasn't like he'd never dealt with entitled noble assholes before, he was sure Leon wouldn't be any different. He did find he had a sort of respect for the man, though. After all, he'd worked to 'earn' a kingdom, not just be born into it like most Lords. If nothing else, that made him a good leader or an able fighter, perhaps a bit of both. Unfortunately, Leon never bothered coming down to the cells so Alain could see his work personally. Once more, he pushed the voice aside, waiting for Leon to speak and answer him...though he looked to the Lord's face with a little more attention that was necessary. Maybe he wasn't the only one who heard that voice...