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located in The town of Rollen, a part of When You Wish Upon a Star, one of the many universes on RPG.

The town of Rollen



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Character Portrait: Bryce Riggs
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Bryce gasped in his breaths as the pain in his head intensified, feeling like his brain was swelling and pressing hard against the insides of his skull, threatening to burst out at any moment. He gasped for air as he felt the headsplitting pain get even worse, which he hadn't even thought was possible. His emerald green eyes opened wide and flashed again more, glowing brightly as more and more images came to him. He could hear people's thoughts, and he rolled on the roof, barely managing to now toss himself right off. In his thrashing, he kicked the toolbox, sending it flying off of the roof and towards the driveway. Bryce couldn't let but let out a loud, agonized cry of pain, and if he had been looking, he would have seen the toolbox stop in mid air before being thrown with quite a bit of force against the ground - straight down.


He could hear someone yell and try to open his window, but as if did when you tried to force it open too fast - It jammed. His name was yelled again, and there was a flash of Spencer's face. The prodigy let out another bloodcurdling cry of pain before thrashing again as his entire body throbbed painfully. This time, however, he was not so lucky in his flailings. Suddenly, there was a feeling of falling and someone screaming his name again before there was the sound of shattering glass and hollow metal, accompanied by a crushing impact. Bryce could see the world slowly slow down and he was looking up towards the rooftop where Spencer was looking down at him in horror. Slowly, the pain subsided as Bryce's eyes slowly closed and he just lost consciousness right there.


Slowly, Bryce opened his eyes, eyelids heavy. His emerald eyes were dulled with sleep and confusion. Slowly, he could make out the shape of Spencer. Was Spence talking to him? Yeah, he was. Why couldn't he hear him though? Bryce continued to give his friend a look of confusion until his hearing started to gradually return to him.

"Spence? What? Where did-?" Bryce cut himself off as he felt a small throb of pain go through him. Slowly, he turned his head side to side. Well, he was in his room. That meant he wasn't too messed up then, right? What had happened? He remembered... going up to fix the dish, then his head started to- He fell off the roof! As he made a move to jolt up, he became dizzy and nausea overtook him. He retched once and lay back down.

"Dude, chill! You're alright. You're kinda bruised up, and ya sprained your wrist pretty bad from the fall - but you're good other than that. You're like, burning up, man. Look, i'm gonna get you some pills, okay?" With that, Spencer excused himself and left Bryce alone in the room. With a heavy sigh, Bryce turned his head to the left side and raised his arm. It was in a splint, great. As he tried to bend his wrist up against the wrappings, he gasped as pain shot up his arm. Great, now how was he gonna finish up his computer? He just... needed something to smoke.

Looking around the room, he spied his favorite pipe - All loaded up and ready to go next to a lighter. It was almost convenient, if it wasn't for the fact that it was practically torture due to one certain reason. Whatever divine power saw it fit to offer him a chance to smoke, also saw it fit to put it on the top shelf of his bookcase - Across the room. With a heavy groan, Bryce reached out, as if he believed the force was going to bring it to him. After several minutes of wishful thinking, he just groaned and closed his eyes. Being forced to be sober after so long was weird for him, everything was just too real.

After a moment, he let out a growl of frustration. After several moments of stewing his frustration, he snarled. "Dammit!" he swore, and suddenly something hit him in the stomach and something else hit the wall with a dull sound, a combination between a 'crack!' and a 'thud!'. After recovering from the shock and pain, he looked down and realized his pipe was resting in the folds of the blanket covering his stomach and his lighter was on the edge of the bed that was pressed against the wall. Then, there was a flash of Paige, looking down at some paper and holding an iPod, which went as quickly as it came.

As Spencer entered, he was nonethewiser, but Bryce's eyes were wide. What had just happened? After several moments of ignoring Spencer, he just took this as some kind of merciful, divine act - despite him being far from religious. Right now, he was just too out of it to be upset about not understanding something, not caring in the slightest.