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Snippet #2135713

located in Slice O' Heaven, a part of Love Cafe, one of the many universes on RPG.

Slice O' Heaven



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Mei had originally planned to attend to the boy's order, the one of which she had been speaking to prior the incident with the car crash involving the troubled child however it was at the doorway that she noticed her human form started to feel strained as her hand reached out against the wall to steady herself. Keeping a straight face and straightening her posture as to not cause any unnecessary commotion and in her nature being quite independent, she as casually as possible walked back to her room. Upon reaching her room, she collapsed backwards on her bed breaking out in heavy sweat. The strain on her body was intensifying moments before she plopped a pill in her mouth and closed her eyes waiting for it to take effect. Mei was an amateur angel so there was a limit to how much she could do and take, however the incident appeared to have overexerted her abilities. It was the first time she had combined two abilities; her singing and healing yet at the time it hadn't crossed her mind of the consequences that would follow after. Minutes later the strain disappeared and she sat back upright mechanically as if nothing had even happened. It was back to work for the waitress.

Fixing up the bun of her hair, she returned to her post in the cafe and already she was at a loss of what was going on. Her immediate attention was directed to her last customer to check if his order had been attended to in her absence. Finding Corinne there served as reassurance however she was acting rather.. 'touchy-feely'. It had happened before, causing Mei to frown slightly. Not again.. Holding back a sigh, Mei decided not to interfere as usual as her attention drifted some more. A girl with pink hair was impatiently calling for service but Corinne was ignoring it for the moment more interested in the boy in front of her that she was already attending to. Was she even taking an order or was it informal talk again? Mei held back another sigh knowing her place. Corinne was the head waitress and she had no right to order the girl to go back to work, if she decided to use her time socialising with a customer then Mei was going to allow- no, let her continue as there was nothing more she could do or say in the matter. It was frankly, out of her hands and position.

"Hey!!! Some service over here!! Thank you!!" The pink-haired customer was growing restless and it appeared she had company as well, an easily identified bodyguard of sorts and another male who was lowering his head and sighing. You and me both.. Mei thought as she caught sight of the sigh and spared a glance at Corinne's direction, a sight that had made her tempted to sigh a few times if she hadn't already let it out. Mei quickly turned away, walking calmly towards the group where the girl seemed to be the leader of the lot. "I apologise for the wait.." Mei said politely, bowing her head to all three persons to show she had noticed all of them rather than focus purely on the girl alone. "How may I help you?" Mei asked in a neutral tone, again splitting off her gaze to all three individuals rather than just the girl. In the back of her mind she was worried about what was going on between Corinne and the customer, hoping it wasn't going to turn into anything indecent or commotion worthy. They were angels after all and human affairs were to be kept separate, not personalised at least in Mei's viewpoint. She's the head waitress for a reason, I'm just going to have to place my trust in her as well as Alex in assigning our positions in the cafe.. I only hope the customer can handle Corinne's straight forward nature at most. Awaiting orders, Mei tilted her head slightly whilst attentively observing her current customers. The girl seemed to have a wild attention-seeking nature calling out like that while the boy accompanying her seemed to dislike her behaviour. Hm..