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located in Throme, a part of Masks of the Soul, one of the many universes on RPG.


Throme - a city of urban wonders


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Character Portrait: Lucas Toland Character Portrait: Amara "Amy" Calen Character Portrait: Vera Chung
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Lucas Toland | Throme

If someone asked Lucas exactly how long he stood at the bus stop, confused and speechless, he wouldn’t have had an answer. In fact, his only response would probably have been, “Too long,” – at least, that was how it seemed to him. He would, however, be able to elaborate on the things that ran through his head during the duration of time he stood there like the indecisive idiot he was.

‘Great. What do I do now?’ was his last coherent thought. The things that followed couldn’t quite be called coherent, and they were more a coalescence of feelings and impulse than anything even reminiscent of rational thought. He was torn between confusion and frustration, but his immediate and most prominent emotion was simply concern. Perhaps paranoia might have been the better word. Now Throme may have been one of the safer cities in the world, but that meant nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Especially with Itex around.

There was a reason they were supposed to travel as a group after all! Although they knew near nothing about the illusive organization, it was evident that Itex was powerful and deeply involved in the workings of the city. That was made abundantly clear when Mr. Torrings… passed away. He knew that, and the others should have known that too! It was clear that they didn’t because otherwise the girls wouldn’t have bickered and split up over… over transportation. The destination was the same place anyway!

… He just didn’t understand girls.

He sighed at the thought, kicking his bag. It scuffed across the sidewalk, hitting the metal pole that held up the universal bus sign. No, that wasn’t it – he just didn’t understand people in general. It was times like this that he missed Gage or Coraline. Either of them would have been able to prevent this situation. Either of them would have been so much more of an asset to this team. Always levelheaded, the former Jack was always ready for anything. The former Queen was a far more sensitive person than he ever was, and she always resolved conflict when it arose. This line of thought was depressing. “Why did you both have to leave?” Lucas muttered under his breath, before something caught his eye.

A large blue bus was coming down the road.

Immediately his hands flew for his cell phone – had it really been so long already? He’d been standing there long enough for the next bus to pull up? As if to prove that yes, he had, the bus ambled along the sidewalk before heaving itself to a stop by the sign and the boy. Lucas stared for a moment at the vehicle, wide-eyed, phone in one hand with the other tucked in his pocket… before reaching down and grabbing his bag. He’d wasted enough time thinking, reminiscing… whatever he was doing.

He claimed a seat near the back – fortunately the bus was empty enough that he had a free space next to him for his bag. However, unconsciously, Lucas tucked his bag into the corner, trying to keep it from sight. After all, due to his lack of good judgement before, he had something dangerous in that bag… No one could see him with that mask. His hand immediately reached for his throat, touching the cord that slipped under his shirt. He knew it was a risk to wear that stone around his neck as well… but that was the start of everything. He wasn’t willing to give it up.

He spent the first few minutes of the bus ride in silence, pondering, staring out the window. The city of Throme was deceptively peaceful. “It’s wearing its own mask,” he murmured with a wry smile. That was a terrible pun, but it was also true… and only those with masks themselves could see what lied beneath the cover of the city. And these thoughts brought him in a complete circle back to his initial thoughts.

Vera – the subway could be dangerous with all those people… but she was smart. Lucas probably didn’t have to worry, but that didn’t mean that he could stop. As for Amara with the taxis, it wouldn’t be the first time someone he knew was swindled out of their money…

Finally, he gave in and did something he probably should have done a long time ago.

He called Vera first, solely because she was closer to the top of his call log.

And now he waited.