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located in The Big City, a part of Born to Die, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Big City



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Character Portrait: Jessie Salvatore
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Jessie’s father had speared no expense for his only son. Jessie’s apartment was extremely nice and equip with anything a twenty-three year old could want or need, it was a loft that sat over an auto shop. The girl that Jessie had brought home last night had just rolled off of him. She sat up in the bed as she started to get dress, she knew Jessie had a temper and she didn’t want to out stay her welcome. He had meet this girl at last week’s race and like usual he would never see her again, unless she happened to be at another race. He grabbed his cell phone from his dresser and quickly skimmed through the texts nothing important. He didn’t bother to see the girl out.

As soon as she left he got out of bed himself pulling his jeans on and heading down stairs. He rubbed the back of his neck and yawned, tonight was going to be a big night. He was in a 200,000 dollar bracket for the race tonight, with five other racers, which meant he had 1 million coming to him, if of course he won, which he had no doubt in his mind. Plus, it was the first time he would get to see Tony since he had been released from prison, the guy was like his brother and he missed having him crash at his place all the time. He opened up one of the drawers in his kitchen, the drawer was full of brand new syringes and blue tourniquets.

He took his time as he boiled the drug before using the needle to absorb the heroine, he tired his arm off with one of the tourniquets, and slowly he pushed the needle into his skin careful and calculated, he was practically OCD when it came to his drugs. Everything had to be brand new and untouched. The drug entered his body and felt like liquid fire. He closed his eyes breathing deeply, without his fix every morning, he was insane, it might be weird but the heroine seemed to keep Jessie sane, he was more sane with it then he was without it. As the drug took effect on his body he sat on the couch, relaxing as he took a swig of his Corona. Everything seem to slow down around him, even his own heartbeat was slower. A knock at his door brought him from his calm relaxed state. He took another drink of the beer. As he walked to his door, opening it.

“Hey Jess, ready for tonight?” his friend smirked. As he came in without the approval of Jessie, he too went to the kitchen mixing up the same poisonous cocktail Jessie had.

“Yeah, I’ll have 1 mill in my pocket tonight after that race.” He said bordely as he shut the door.

“And the party?” Markus asked

“What about it, it’s not like I have neighbors. How many parties have I had here before dumb shit, why do you ask pointless fucking questions?” His Cuban accent was strong and slightly angry as he walked over to his friend stopping him before he could shoot up. “Shits not free Marky, you’re getting really fucking brave.” He said darkly.
Markus rolled his eyes “Guess I caught you in a bad mood, I’ll leave .” he said as he headed towards the door though freezing as he heard as the click of a Pistol. “Jess come on man, I’m one of your best friends.” He said slightly panicked.

“Just get the fuck out.” Jessie said harshly painting his gun at the back of his head.

Markus hurried out, Jessie smirked, he loved being in control and he loved the power he had. He grabbed a black shirt slipping it on placing a band aid over his still bleeding track mark, he must have hit a sensitive spot. He thought to himself, as he headed down stairs to his shop. The Shop was of course already open and a few of his employees were working on some race cars, most of them for tonight’s race. His shop strictly worked no street racing cars. He looked over his car, the one he liked to call his baby, the first car he ever boosted, of course it was decked out now for racing and he rarely, but tonight’s race called for his baby. No one was allowed anywhere near the car unless Jessie gave them permission. He smirked at the thought of tonight’s race and being reunited with his best friend, and then to end the night an endless supply of drugs and girls, while he partied.