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located in The Big City, a part of Born to Die, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Big City



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Character Portrait: Lana 'Baby' Harvard Character Portrait: Jessie Salvatore
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Jessie couldn’t think of one single thing he liked or cared about more than racing. It meant absolutely everything to him, not to mention he was probably one of the best street racers in the world and it helped that he was an absolute ladies man, he had looks to kill an attitude to match. His whole car vibrated from the bass of his stereo, most were surprised that the windows and mirrors hadn’t broken yet. Everyone frozen when they saw his car and the music blaring from it, one hand on the steering wheel and neon blue lights lit under his race car. Confidence clear on his face, he knew everyone was staring and it only feed his confidence.

He pulled into his usual spot, not bothering to turn off his car as the music continued to blare, he stepped out of his car two girls on each arm in less than seconds, in the underground world, Jessie was the biggest celebrity there was. Jessie headed to his private room where he could see the races but not have to deal with stupid people. Hugo, considered himself Jessie’s brother, his father had sent Hugo with Jessie when he’d come over from Cuba to protect him, Hugo was probably one of the scariest guys you could ever meet, her grabbed the keys out of Jessie’s car, locking it up and following after him without a single word.

Jessie’s private room was nice a lot of Friday and Saturday nights he did business here, there was already a knock at the door which wasn’t unusual. Jessie made a small had gesture for Hugo to answer the door and he did as he was told. Lana standing at the door, he smirked seeing her ordering the girls out of his “office” Lana, didn’t exactly like Jessie, but she had become close with him a few months before she had been admitted for two reasons. One, she was in love with Hugo and they had slept together once or twice, but that was in the past and two, they both like to mess with each other like siblings and he had become like the older brother she never had.

“Look who’s out of the Looney.” He smirked, as she rolled her eyes.

“Real cute Jay.” She said sarcastically as she came into the room, Hugo shutting the door behind her. “I want in, even if it’s just one of the lower twenty dollar brackets, my life is a mess and I need money. Fast.” She stated sternly.

He let out a small chuckle, amused by her. “Baby, you’ve never raced in your life. And you know you can just go jump in you don’t have to ask my permission. Besides if you did, what the hell would you race in, you have nothing.” He said with a casual smile leaning back in his chair.

She let out a frustrated breath “Don’t give me that Jay, this shit is organized you know just as well as I do there is a roster, you don’t just throw your money down, I really need your help.” She was almost begging she couldn’t stand the thought of having to go back to the ritzy house with her mother on that boring doctor.

“Your right, entries were a week ago I can’t help you, guess you know the races to well, I’ll tell you what I can do for you.” He paused laying his two loaded pistols on the table “You give me a free show and I’ll give you some free money.” He smirked darkly

“Go Fuck yourself Jessie, You’re an asshole.” She tried to keep herself from tearing up.

Normally Jessie wasn’t the giving type and he didn’t exactly take pity on girls, but Lana was more like a sister to him, he knew her story, he she had crashed on his couch and shot up with him on occasion. He let out a defeated sigh, showing his softer side, wasn’t exactly easy.

“I’ll sneak you in on the 100 dollar roster, you won’t make anything off those cheap 20 dollar brackets, you can race in Hugo’s car…” she cut him off

“No thanks big bro, I got a ride.” She smirked

“Alright, your bracket’s at ten.” He said as Hug opened the door.

“Thank you so much Jess, I promise you I won’t ask for anything else.” She said sincerely and he knew she meant it. She head for the door, before hearing him call her name, she turned back to face him.

“Elana, don’t fuck this up.” It slightly frightening her when he called her by her real name. She swallowed simply nodding as she headed out.