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located in The town of Rollen, a part of When You Wish Upon a Star, one of the many universes on RPG.

The town of Rollen



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Character Portrait: Paige Fisher Character Portrait: Bryce Riggs
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((Thundergod . . . might want to make your posts a little bit longer than that.))

Paige didn't mention what had happened to her when she got sick. She noticed her mother was being kinder and didn't go out that saturday.
"I think I'll be good enough to go to school." Paige said finally. She wanted to meet with the guys again and tell them about what happened. "I feel much better." she said and her mother checked her forehead.
"Well, I suppose. But I don't want you staying out to long." her mother insisted. "There have been people cursed by the meteor shower!" Paige froze at these words and looked at her mom.
"Wh-what happened?"
"Well, Jim Randolph went into his son, Erick's, room and found Erick had been possessed by a demon and could change form! Other parents found out THEIR children could do the same things and . . ." she stopped then sighed. "I don't quite approve of their methods but . . . Jim shot his own son." Paige gaped at her mother.
"Shot him?"
"He's leading a band of watchers to go hunt down the rest, some have hidden in the forest." She exclaimed, "But I'm glad all the cursed are gone, I couldn't stand to have one around. It gives me the shivers!" She shuddered for effect and Paige stared blankly at her mother. "Ted said he wanted to protect us from them and he's off during the night watch." Paige felt her stomach drop and winced.
"W-well . . . Nothing weird has happened to me so I'm fine." she muttered and her mother smiled.
"I know sweety. No one in THIS house is going to be Star cursed." she opened the fridge and sighed. "I've got to go to the store, be sure to rest and I'll let you go back to school on monday." she nodded curtly and opened to the door enough for Paige to see a boy who used to bully her. He lay on the ground with a look of terror on his face. She stepped closer but her mom closed the door behind her. There was no shot, no scream, but that image was seared into her brain. She ran upstairs and drew the scene on a sheet of paper. Suddenly, like a movie, the picture moved. She could see him, shaking a little, the people pointed their guns at him. He said something and the leader said something back. He started shaking his head again then started to beg. The crowd seemed suspicious but nodded and he stood. Someone punched him in the gut. The boy doubled over but did nothing. Everyone nodded then started to disperse. The boy was crying now. He wept and rubbed his eyes. Paige felt a little sorry for him, she pressed her face to the paper and suddenly was over the scene. She could see and hear everything. A girl approached the boy.
"Are you alright?" She asked but he shook her off.
"It's your fault they think I'm a starcursed." he choked and turned to storm away. She sighed and sat on the curb, her hair was golden and her eyes blue.
"I just wanted you to love me." she muttered and started to cry herself.
Paige frowned and pulled her head out of the picture. Everything about this made her feel uneasy. She had to talk to someone she could trust. But she couldn't even trust her family. Who was left? She closed her eyes and an image of the guys flashed into her head. She gaped and pulled out a phone. Maybe Bryce would know what to do. She flipped through her directory and found his number at last. Bryce Riggs. She dialed and pressed talk.
"Please pick up." she whispered and after afew rings it did.
"Yellow!" said the unfamiliar voice and she froze. "Hello?" It asked again.
"Um . . . hi." she whispered, "Can you put Bryce on the phone? I need to talk to him." she said very urgently. The guy chuckled, as though she had said something funny.
"Lady, if he got you prego-"
"NO!" she shouted. there was silence. "Tell him It's Paige and it's absolutely crucial I talk to him!" she said forcefully and the guy sighed.
"Fine. But if he doesn't want to talk I'm hanging up." he went away and she waited in fear. What if he didn't want to talk? Do I call the others? What do I do? she awaited, paranoid and afraid and worst of all, alone.