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located in Bulk n Buds Grocery, a part of Anonymous Heroes, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bulk n Buds Grocery

The local friendly grocery store where you buy in bulk, and the workers are your buds!


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The deli section to Bulk n Buds grocery store was quiet except for the sounds of cleaning meat slicers, buzzing of florescent lights, floors being mopped, and the TV In the back room. Peyton watched the news as he reluctantly tied off the garbage bag in the deli office.

"Today's attack on the embassy in Washington DC was believed to be a terrorist attack by the terrorist leader Husa Kahn. This video footage from a near by bank was found showing the terrorist fleeing the Embassy moments before the bomb was set off"

"PEYTON!" a booming voices bursts into the office. "I dont pay you to stand around!" Said the boss as she walked straight to the tv and turned it off. "I told you to take the garbage out half an hour ago. Get to work!" She demanded. After Peyton carried out the garbage bag from the office, the boss sat down in her chair and turned the tv back on.

Peyton went out side to the dumpster where he found Jixn out on a smoke break. Tossing the garbage out he ask her, "Are you going home soon... please tell me you do... Because Im going home after you, and the sooner your gone, the sooner I get to go..."