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Jinx took a drag from her cigarette as Peyton came out with the garbage. “I’ve still got two whole hours, Drum. Which means you have three.” She said and flicked the cigarette on the ground and stomped it out. She leaned against the wall. She knew she should stop. It was a nasty habit that she shouldn’t have even started but she was having a real hard time. It was really a whole year since that day. The day her whole life literally went up in flames. She didn’t know what but something about today just It was like that static in the air when a fight’s about to jump off. It was freaky. She decided she should ignore it but the feeling was buzzing in the back of her mind. “Hey, We had practice today, right. I’m totally freaking out, I need to take my mind off” She asked him. He knew what happened to her, everyone in the band knew what happened. They’d been dating at the time but after everything, She wasn’t really herself. Something changed and they felt they were better as friends so there was no hard feelings.